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#include <arbtools.h>

Inherited by AISC_Object, ALI_ALIGNER [private, virtual], ali_aligner_column [virtual], ali_aligner_dellist [virtual], ali_aligner_last_cell [virtual], ali_aligner_result [virtual], ALI_ARBDB [private, virtual], ALI_MAP [private, virtual], ALI_NORM_SEQUENCE [private, virtual], ALI_PATHMAP [private, virtual], ALI_PREALIGNER [private, virtual], ali_prealigner_approx_element [virtual], ali_prealigner_approximation [virtual], ali_prealigner_column [virtual], ALI_PROFILE [private, virtual], ALI_PT [private, virtual], ali_pt_member [virtual], ALI_sellst_spec [private, virtual], ALI_SEQUENCE [private, virtual], ALI_SUB_SOLUTION [private, virtual], ALI_TARRAY< T > [private, virtual], ALI_TARRAY< ali_pathmap_up_pointer > [private, virtual], ALI_TLIST< T > [private, virtual], ALI_TLIST< ali_aligner_dellist_elem * > [private, virtual], ALI_TLIST< ALI_MAP * > [private, virtual], ALI_TLIST< ali_pathmap_up_pointer > [private, virtual], ALI_TLIST< ali_prealigner_approx_element * > [private, virtual], ALI_TLIST< ali_pt_member * > [private, virtual], ALI_TSTACK< T > [private, virtual], AliCompositeCommand [private, virtual], AlignBuffer [private, virtual], Aligner [private, virtual], AlignmentReference [private, virtual], AP_main [private, virtual], AP_matrix [private, virtual], AP_pos_var [private, virtual], AP_rates [virtual], AP_sequence [private, virtual], AP_tree_edge [private, virtual], arb_prm_struct [virtual], arb_progress [private, virtual], arb_r2a_pro_2_nuc [virtual], arb_r2a_pro_2_nucs [virtual], arb_suppress_progress [private, virtual], arb_test::asserter [private, virtual], ArbDBWriter [private, virtual], ArbImporter [private, virtual], ArbProgress::counter [private, virtual], ArbProgress::nestable [private, virtual], ArbStringCache [private, virtual], ArbTcpDat [private, virtual], ArgParser [private, virtual], auto_delete_array_ptr< T > [private, virtual], auto_delete_ptr< T > [private, virtual], auto_free_ptr< T > [private, virtual], AW_awar [private, virtual], AW_buttons_struct [virtual], AW_cb [private, virtual], AW_click_cd [private, virtual], AW_GC [private, virtual], AW_gc_manager [private, virtual], AW_GC_set [private, virtual], AW_root [private, virtual], AW_root_cblist [private, virtual], AW_root_Motif [private, virtual], AW_selection [private, virtual], AW_selection_list [private, virtual], AW_selection_list_entry [private, virtual], AW_stylable [private, virtual], AW_timer_cb_struct [private, virtual], AW_widget_refresh_cb [virtual], AW_widget_value_pair [virtual], AW_window [private, virtual], AW_window_Motif [private, virtual], aw_xargs [private, virtual], AW_xfig [private, virtual], AWT_canvas [private, virtual], AWT_config [private, virtual], AWT_config_definition [private, virtual], AWT_distance_meter [private, virtual], AWT_graphic_event [private, virtual], AWT_graphic_parsimony [private, virtual], AWT_graphic_tree [private, virtual], awt_hotkeys [private, virtual], awt_input_mask_global [private, virtual], awt_linked_to_item [private, virtual], AWT_translator [private, virtual], BackTraceInfo [private, virtual], Bakt_Info [private, virtual], BaseFrequencies [private, virtual], BasePosition [private, virtual], BasicStatus [private, virtual], BI_helix [private, virtual], BI_pairdef [private, virtual], Bitvector [private, virtual], BoundActionTracker [private, virtual], BoundTreeAwarCallback [private, virtual], BoundWindowCallback [private, virtual], BranchLinewidthScaler [private, virtual], BranchWindow [private, virtual], cache::CacheHandle< SMARTPTR > [private, virtual], cache::CacheHandle< SmartCharPtr > [private, virtual], cache::CacheHandle< SmartIntPtr > [private, virtual], ChainEntryBuffer [private, virtual], ChainIteratorStage1 [private, virtual], ChainIteratorStage2 [private, virtual], CharPtrArray [private, virtual], chartable::SepBaseFreq [private, virtual], CheckedConsistencies [private, virtual], CLI [private, virtual], CLI [private, virtual], CLI [private, virtual], Cluster [private, virtual], ClustersData [private, virtual], Column [virtual], ColumnStat [private, virtual], CombinableSeq [private, virtual], CommandOutput [private, virtual], CompactedSequence [private, virtual], ConfigDefinition [private, virtual], ConfigModifier [virtual], CursorPos [private, virtual], custom_dealloc_ptr< T, DEALLOC > [private, virtual], Data [private, virtual], Data [virtual], db_interrupt_data [virtual], DBwriter [private, virtual], DecisionTree [private, virtual], DeconstructedTree [private, virtual], DefinedCommands [private, virtual], DelayReshade [private, virtual], DesignTargets [private, virtual], DI_ENTRY [private, virtual], DI_GLOBAL_MATRIX [private, virtual], DI_MATRIX [private, virtual], di_protdist [private, virtual], Dict [private, virtual], difflineMode [private, virtual], DisplayFormat [private, virtual], Dots [private, virtual], ED4_base [private, virtual], ED4_block [private, virtual], ED4_block_operator [private, virtual], ED4_container [private, virtual], ED4_cursor [private, virtual], ED4_Edit_String [private, virtual], ED4_foldable [private, virtual], ED4_folding_line [private, virtual], ED4_host [private, virtual], ED4_list< T > [private, virtual], ED4_list_elem< T > [private, virtual], ED4_MostRecentWinContext [private, virtual], ED4_objspec, ED4_objspec_registry [private, virtual], ED4_reference [private, virtual], ED4_reference_terminals [private, virtual], ED4_remap [private, virtual], ED4_root [private, virtual], ED4_scrolled_rectangle [private, virtual], ED4_SearchResults [private, virtual], ED4_species_pointer [private, virtual], EdgeChain [private, virtual], EditedTerminal [private, virtual], EG2PS_data [virtual], EntryRemover [private, virtual], ExecutingMacro [private, virtual], export_format [virtual], export_sequence_data [private, virtual], ExportFieldTracker [private, virtual], Expression [private, virtual], FamilyFinder [private, virtual], FamilyList [private, virtual], FamilyStat [private, virtual], FastAlignInsertion [private, virtual], FastAlignReport [private, virtual], FastSearchOccurrence [private, virtual], FastSearchSequence [private, virtual], FieldTransfer::ItemClonedByRuleSet [private, virtual], FileContent [private, virtual], FileWatch [private, virtual], FileWriter [private, virtual], FilteredExport [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], FormattedFile [private, virtual], FormatTester [private, virtual], gb_cache [virtual], GB_DbScanner [virtual], gb_local_data [private, virtual], GB_MAIN_TYPE [private, virtual], GB_securityLevel [private, virtual], GB_shell4perl [virtual], GB_transaction [private, virtual], GBENTRY_memory [private, virtual], GBL_call_env [private, virtual], GBL_command_arguments [private, virtual], GBL_command_lookup_table [private, virtual], GBL_env [private, virtual], GBS_strstruct [private, virtual], GBT_config [private, virtual], GBT_config_item [virtual], GBT_config_parser [private, virtual], GEN_graphic [private, virtual], GEN_map_manager [private, virtual], GEN_root [private, virtual], Generation [private, virtual], GenerationDuplicates [private, virtual], Globals [virtual], GroupBuilder [private, virtual], GroupSearch [private, virtual], GroupSearchCommon [private, virtual], GroupUIdata [private, virtual], hash [private, virtual], Header [private, virtual], HeaderList [private, virtual], HelixAlignmentQuality [private, virtual], Hit [private, virtual], hits_sort_params [virtual], Hs_struct [virtual], import_format [virtual], import_match [virtual], Importer [private, virtual], ImportSession [virtual], ImportTestData [virtual], InfoWindow [private, virtual], InputFormat [private, virtual], Interpreter [private, virtual], Item [virtual], KeyInfo [private, virtual], KeySorter [private, virtual], Label [private, virtual], LazyAliData [private, virtual], LikelihoodRanges [private, virtual], LineBuf [private, virtual], LineQueue [private, virtual], LineReader [private, virtual], List< Type > [private, virtual], List< char > [private, virtual], List< result_struct > [private, virtual], List< Sondentopf > [private, virtual], List< void * > [private, virtual], list_elem< Type > [private, virtual], list_elem< char > [private, virtual], list_elem< result_struct > [private, virtual], list_elem< Sondentopf > [private, virtual], list_elem< void * > [private, virtual], ListDisplayRow [private, virtual], LocallyModify< T > [private, virtual], LocallyModify< int > [private, virtual], Location, LocationEditor [private, virtual], MackeReader [private, virtual], MarkerIdentifier [private, virtual], MatchRequest [private, virtual], MatrixOrder [private, virtual], MemBlock [private, virtual], MemBlockManager [private, virtual], Memory [private, virtual], merge_scheme [virtual], MessageSpamFilter [private, virtual], MetaInfo [private, virtual], MetaTagTranslator [private, virtual], MG_remap [private, virtual], MG_remaps [private, virtual], MO_Liste [private, virtual], MostUsedPos [private, virtual], MP_Main [private, virtual], MP_Window [private, virtual], MutationsPerSite [private, virtual], Mutex [private, virtual], NA_Alignment [virtual], NamedCommand [private, virtual], NameInformation [private, virtual], NameServerConnection [private, virtual], Node [private, virtual], NodeState [virtual], NodeTextBuilder [private, virtual], NT_global [virtual], NT_TreeShader [private, virtual], NtreeCommandLine [private, virtual], OrgInfo [virtual], OutgroupMatcher [private, virtual], Output [private, virtual], Package [private, virtual], Pair [virtual], ParentCache [private, virtual], ParentGroupNameQueryKey [private, virtual], ParsedProbeMatch [private, virtual], Parser [private, virtual], Parser [private, virtual], PARSIMONY_testenv< SEQTYPE > [private, virtual], PartQueue [private, virtual], PartRegistry [private, virtual], PH_filter [private, virtual], PH_NEIGHBOURJOINING [private, virtual], PH_root [private, virtual], PHDATA [private, virtual], PrimerDesign [private, virtual], PrintMaybe [private, virtual], probe_combi_statistic [private, virtual], probe_input_data [private, virtual], probe_tabs [private, virtual], ProbeMatch_impl [private, virtual], ProbeMatchEventParam [virtual], ProbeMatchParser [private, virtual], ProbeValuation [private, virtual], PromptData [virtual], PS_BitMap [private, virtual], PS_BitSet [private, virtual], PS_Candidate [private, virtual], PS_FileBuffer [private, virtual], PS_Node [private, virtual], PT_compressed [private, virtual], QUERY::DbQuery [private, virtual], QueryExpr [private, virtual], QueryTarget [private, virtual], RandomNumberGenerator [private, virtual], RDP_comments [virtual], Reader [private, virtual], RealignAttempt [private, virtual], RecordingMacro [private, virtual], RefEntries::RefSelector [private, virtual], References [private, virtual], Refs< REF > [private, virtual], Refs< Emblref > [private, virtual], Refs< GenbankRef > [private, virtual], RegExpr [private, virtual], RNA3D_Global [virtual], RNA3D_Graphics [virtual], SAI_graphic [virtual], SAI_sellst_spec [private, virtual], SaiCalcEnv [private, virtual], SaiCalculator [private, virtual], saiProbeData [private, virtual], search_windows, SearchFIFO [private, virtual], SearchRelativeParams [virtual], SearchSettings [private, virtual], SearchTree [private, virtual], SearchTreeNode [private, virtual], SEC_base [private, virtual], SEC_base_part [private, virtual], SEC_db_interface [private, virtual], SEC_drawn_positions [private, virtual], SEC_region [private, virtual], SEC_root [private, virtual], SEC_seq_data [private, virtual], SelectedDatabase [private, virtual], Seq [private, virtual], SeqInfo [virtual], SequenceBuffer [private, virtual], SequenceHandler [private, virtual], SlaveCanvas [private, virtual], Smoother [private, virtual], Sonde [private, virtual], Sondentopf [private, virtual], SortByTopo [private, virtual], SortedFreq [private, virtual], SpeciesSelector [private, virtual], SpeciesSpace [private, virtual], SpecificAliData< T > [private, virtual], SpecificAliData< char > [private, virtual], SpecSet [private, virtual], SpecSetRegistry [private, virtual], SQ_helix [private, virtual], st_check_cb_data, ST_Container [virtual], ST_ML [private, virtual], StackFrameData [private, virtual], startsWithBlanks [private, virtual], Store_species [private, virtual], StrictlyAliased_BasePtrRef< DERIVED, BASE > [private, virtual], Structure3D [virtual], StrUniquifier [private, virtual], SuppressOutput [private, virtual], symmetric_matrix< T > [private, virtual], symmetric_matrix< AP_FLOAT > [private, virtual], symmetric_matrix< int > [private, virtual], SymmetricMatrixMapper [private, virtual], TargetGroup [private, virtual], Token [private, virtual], TokenList [private, virtual], TokenListBlock [private, virtual], TokenMatcher [private, virtual], TrackedFile, TrackedFiles [private, virtual], TreeAwarRegistry [private, virtual], TreeNode [virtual], TreeReader [private, virtual], TreeRoot [private, virtual], TripleOffset [private, virtual], UniqueNameDetector [private, virtual], UserActionTracker [private, virtual], VarUpdateInfo [private, virtual], Warnings [private, virtual], WeightedFilter [private, virtual], WrapMode [private, virtual], Writer [private, virtual], XML_Node [private, virtual], and XString [private, virtual].

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 Noncopyable ()

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Definition at line 39 of file arbtools.h.

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Noncopyable::Noncopyable ( )

Definition at line 43 of file arbtools.h.

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