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GBT_config Class Reference

#include <ad_config.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GBT_config (GBDATA *gb_main, const char *name, GB_ERROR &error)
 GBT_config ()
 ~GBT_config ()
bool exists () const
const charget_definition (int area) const
void set_definition (int area, char *new_def)
const charget_comment () const
void set_comment (const char *newComment)
GB_ERROR saveAsOver (GBDATA *gb_main, const char *name, const char *oldName, bool warnIfSavingDefault) const
GB_ERROR save (GBDATA *gb_main, const char *name, bool warnIfSavingDefault) const

Static Public Attributes

static const int TOP_AREA = 0
static const int MIDDLE_AREA = 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file ad_config.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GBT_config::GBT_config ( GBDATA gb_main,
const char name,
GB_ERROR error 
GBT_config::GBT_config ( )

Definition at line 41 of file ad_config.h.

GBT_config::~GBT_config ( )

Definition at line 42 of file ad_config.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool GBT_config::exists ( ) const

Definition at line 51 of file ad_config.h.

Referenced by ARB_main(), and nt_create_configuration().

const char* GBT_config::get_definition ( int  area) const

Definition at line 53 of file ad_config.h.

References arb_assert.

Referenced by ARB_main().

void GBT_config::set_definition ( int  area,
char new_def 
const char* GBT_config::get_comment ( ) const
void GBT_config::set_comment ( const char newComment)

Definition at line 64 of file ad_config.h.

Referenced by nt_create_configuration(), and EDB_root_bact::save_current_config().

GB_ERROR GBT_config::saveAsOver ( GBDATA gb_main,
const char name,
const char oldName,
bool  warnIfSavingDefault 
) const

save config as 'name' (overwriting config 'oldName') if 'warnIfSavingDefault' is true, saving DEFAULT_CONFIGURATION raises a warning

Definition at line 101 of file ad_config.cxx.

References DEFAULT_CONFIGURATION, error(), findOrCreate_configuration(), GB_await_error(), GB_delete(), GB_end_transaction(), GB_entry(), GB_push_transaction(), GBS_global_string(), GBT_message(), GBT_write_string(), and NULp.

Referenced by save(), and swap_configs().

GB_ERROR GBT_config::save ( GBDATA gb_main,
const char name,
bool  warnIfSavingDefault 
) const

Member Data Documentation

const int GBT_config::TOP_AREA = 0
const int GBT_config::MIDDLE_AREA = 1

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