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QueryExpr Class Reference

#include <query_expr.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QueryExpr (query_operator aqo, QueryKeyPtr key, bool not_equal, const char *expression)
 ~QueryExpr ()
void append (QueryExpr *&tail)
query_key_type get_key_type () const
QueryKeyget_key ()
const QueryKeyget_key () const
void negate ()
bool matches (const QueryTarget &target, std::string &hit_reason) const
GB_ERROR getError (int count=0) const
void setError (GB_ERROR error_) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 157 of file query_expr.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QueryExpr::QueryExpr ( query_operator  aqo,
QueryKeyPtr  key,
bool  not_equal,
const char expression 

Definition at line 16 of file query_expr.cxx.

References AND, OR, and qe_assert.

QueryExpr::~QueryExpr ( )

Definition at line 191 of file query_expr.h.

Member Function Documentation

void QueryExpr::append ( QueryExpr *&  tail)
query_key_type QueryExpr::get_key_type ( ) const

Definition at line 200 of file query_expr.h.

References QueryKey::get_type().

Referenced by perform_query_cb().

QueryKey& QueryExpr::get_key ( )

Definition at line 202 of file query_expr.h.

Referenced by perform_query_cb().

const QueryKey& QueryExpr::get_key ( ) const

Definition at line 203 of file query_expr.h.

void QueryExpr::negate ( )

Definition at line 56 of file query_expr.cxx.

References AND, append(), QueryKey::negate(), negate(), OR, and qe_assert.

Referenced by negate(), perform_query_cb(), and GroupSearch::perform_search().

bool QueryExpr::matches ( const QueryTarget target,
std::string hit_reason 
) const
GB_ERROR QueryExpr::getError ( int  count = 0) const

Definition at line 77 of file query_expr.cxx.

References GBS_global_string(), GBS_static_string(), getError(), and NULp.

Referenced by getError(), and perform_query_cb().

void QueryExpr::setError ( GB_ERROR  error_) const

Definition at line 210 of file query_expr.h.

References qe_assert.

Referenced by QUERY::DbQuery::buildQueryExpr().

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