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Public Member Functions

 Package (const char *name_, const char *prefix_)
 ~Package ()
bool matches_package_prefix (const string &text) const
void mark_function_defined (const string &function)
bool not_defined (const string &function) const
const stringget_prefix () const
void append_code (const string &code)
void append_code (const char *code)
void append_code (char code)
void append_linefeed (size_t count=1)
void print_xsubs (FILE *file)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 653 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Package::Package ( const char name_,
const char prefix_ 

Definition at line 660 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References GB_MIND_CASE, and GBS_create_hash().

Package::~Package ( )

Definition at line 667 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References GBS_free_hash().

Member Function Documentation

bool Package::matches_package_prefix ( const string text) const

Definition at line 671 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

Referenced by xsubGenerator::mark_handcoded_functions().

void Package::mark_function_defined ( const string function)

Definition at line 673 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References GBS_write_hash().

Referenced by xsubGenerator::mark_handcoded_functions().

bool Package::not_defined ( const string function) const

Definition at line 674 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References GBS_read_hash().

const string& Package::get_prefix ( ) const

Definition at line 676 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

void Package::append_code ( const string code)

Definition at line 678 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References GBS_strstruct::ncat().

void Package::append_code ( const char code)

Definition at line 679 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References GBS_strstruct::cat().

void Package::append_code ( char  code)

Definition at line 680 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References GBS_strstruct::put().

void Package::append_linefeed ( size_t  count = 1)

Definition at line 682 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

void Package::print_xsubs ( FILE *  file)

Definition at line 684 of file arb_proto_2_xsub.cxx.

References fputs(), and GBS_strstruct::get_data().

Referenced by xsubGenerator::print_xsubs().

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