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AWT_graphic_parsimony Class Reference

#include <pars_dtree.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 AWT_graphic_parsimony (ArbParsimony &parsimony_, GBDATA *gb_main_, AD_map_viewer_cb map_viewer_cb_)
AP_tree_nlen * get_root_node ()
AP_pars_root * get_tree_root ()
ArbParsimonyget_parsimony ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AWT_graphic_tree
 AWT_graphic_tree (AW_root *aw_root, GBDATA *gb_main, AD_map_viewer_cb map_viewer_cb)
 ~AWT_graphic_tree () OVERRIDE
void filled_box (int gc, const AW::Position &pos, int pixel_width)
void empty_box (int gc, const AW::Position &pos, int pixel_width)
void diamond (int gc, const AW::Position &pos, int pixel_radius)
const charruler_awar (const char *name)
void set_line_attributes_for (AP_tree *at) const
virtual void read_tree_settings ()
void update_structure () FINAL_OVERRIDE
void apply_zoom_settings_for_treetype (AWT_canvas *ntw)
int draw_branch_line (int gc, const AW::Position &root, const AW::Position &leaf, AW_bitset filter)
bool warn_inappropriate_mode (AWT_COMMAND_MODE mode)
AW_rootget_root () const
GBDATAget_gbmain () const
AP_tree_rootget_tree_root ()
AP_treeget_root_node ()
const AP_treeget_root_node () const
AP_treeget_logical_root ()
const AP_treeget_logical_root () const
bool is_logically_zoomed ()
void set_logical_root_to (AP_tree *node)
void init (AliView *aliview, AP_sequence *seq_prototype, bool link_to_database_, bool insert_delete_cbs)
AW_gc_managerinit_devices (AW_window *, AW_device *, AWT_canvas *ntw) OVERRIDE
void show (AW_device *device) OVERRIDE
const AW::Positionget_cursor () const
const AW::Positionget_group_cursor () const
void handle_command (AW_device *device, AWT_graphic_event &event) OVERRIDE
long mark_species_in_tree (AP_tree *at, int mark)
long mark_species_in_tree_that (AP_tree *at, int mark, bool(*condition)(GBDATA *, void *), void *cd)
void mark_species_in_rest_of_tree (AP_tree *at, int mark)
bool tree_has_marks (AP_tree *at)
bool rest_tree_has_marks (AP_tree *at)
void detect_group_state (AP_tree *at, AWT_graphic_tree_group_state *state, AP_tree *skip_this_son)
bool group_tree (AP_tree *at, CollapseMode mode, int color_group)
void group_rest_tree (AP_tree *at, CollapseMode mode, int color_group)
void reorderTree (TreeOrder mode)
void toggle_group (AP_tree *at)
GB_ERROR load_from_DB (GBDATA *gb_main, const char *name) FINAL_OVERRIDE __ATTR__USERESULT
GB_ERROR save_to_DB (GBDATA *gb_main, const char *name) FINAL_OVERRIDE __ATTR__USERESULT
void check_for_DB_update (GBDATA *gb_main) FINAL_OVERRIDE
void notify_synchronized (GBDATA *gb_main) FINAL_OVERRIDE
void fast_sync_changed_folding (AP_tree *parent_of_all_changes)
void set_tree_style (AP_tree_display_style style, AWT_canvas *ntw)
AP_tree_display_style get_tree_style () const
double get_irs_tree_ruler_scale_factor () const
void show_ruler (AW_device *device, int gc)
void get_zombies_and_duplicates (int &zomb, int &dups) const
void hide_marker_display ()
void set_marker_display (MarkerDisplay *display)
MarkerDisplayget_marker_display ()
void install_tree_changed_callback (const GraphicTreeCallback &gtcb)
void uninstall_tree_changed_callback ()
void auto_unfold (AP_tree *want_visible)
void forget_auto_unfolded ()
void select_group (AP_tree *node)
void select_group (GBDATA *gb_group)
void deselect_group ()
const Groupget_selected_group () const
AP_treelocate_selected_group (AP_tree *in_subtree)
void dislocate_selected_group ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AWT_graphic
 AWT_graphic ()
virtual ~AWT_graphic ()
bool wants_drag_target () const
void drag_target_detection (bool detect)
int get_drag_gc () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AWT_graphic_tree
static void install_group_changed_callback (const GraphicTreeCallback &gccb)
- Public Attributes inherited from AWT_graphic
AWT_graphic_exports exports
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AWT_graphic_tree
void store_command_data (AWT_command_data *new_cmd_data)
AWT_command_dataget_command_data ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from AWT_graphic_tree
group_scaling groupScale
- Protected Attributes inherited from AWT_graphic
int drag_gc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file pars_dtree.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AWT_graphic_parsimony::AWT_graphic_parsimony ( ArbParsimony parsimony_,
GBDATA gb_main_,
AD_map_viewer_cb  map_viewer_cb_ 

Definition at line 285 of file PARS_dtree.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

AP_tree_nlen* AWT_graphic_parsimony::get_root_node ( )

Definition at line 36 of file pars_dtree.hxx.

References DOWNCAST, and AWT_graphic_tree::get_root_node().

Referenced by nt_reAdd(), PARS_tree_init(), and update_random_repeat().

AP_pars_root* AWT_graphic_parsimony::get_tree_root ( )
ArbParsimony& AWT_graphic_parsimony::get_parsimony ( )

Definition at line 40 of file pars_dtree.hxx.

Referenced by optimizeTree().

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