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SEC_root Class Reference

#include <SEC_root.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SEC_root ()
 ~SEC_root ()
void init (SEC_graphic *gfx, AWT_canvas *scr, ED4_plugin_host &host)
bool under_construction () const
void set_under_construction (bool construct)
const SEC_db_interfaceget_db () const
const ED4_plugin_hosthost () const
bool canDisplay () const
const BI_helixget_helixDef () const
bool is_pairpos (int abspos) const
const charhelixNrAt (int abspos) const
const size_tgetHelixPositions (const char *helixNr) const
const double & get_char_radius (int gc) const
void reread_display_params (AW_root *aw_root, const ED4_plugin_host &Host)
const SEC_displayParamsdisplay_params () const
bool has_xString () const
const XStringget_xString () const
void paintBackgroundColor (AW_device *device, SEC_bgpaint_mode mode, const Position &p1, int color1, int gc1, const Position &p2, int color2, int gc2, int skel_gc)
void paintSearchPatternStrings (AW_device *device, int clickedPos, AW_pos xPos, AW_pos yPos)
charbuildStructureString ()
GB_ERROR read_data (const char *input_string, const char *x_string_in)
void add_autoscroll (const Vector &scroll)
void nail_position (size_t absPos)
void nail_cursor ()
void position_cursor (bool toCenter, bool evenIfVisible)
void set_cursor (int abspos)
bool perform_autoscroll ()
void recalc ()
void relayout ()
GB_ERROR split_loop (int start1, int end1, int start2, int end2)
GB_ERROR paint (AW_device *device)
GB_ERROR unsplit_loop (SEC_helix_strand *delete_strand)
void set_root (SEC_loop *loop)
void create_default_bone ()
void generate_x_string ()
void update_shown_positions ()
bool shallDisplayPosition (int abspos) const
void invalidate_base_positions ()
int getBackgroundColor (int abspos)
const Vectorget_center_char_vector (int gc)
size_t max_index ()
int get_cursor () const
SEC_loop * get_root_loop () const
void set_root_loop (SEC_loop *loop)
SEC_BASE_TYPE get_show_constraints ()
void set_show_constraints (SEC_BASE_TYPE show)
void set_last_drawed_cursor_position (const LineVector &line)
const LineVectorget_last_drawed_cursor_position () const
void clear_last_drawed_cursor_position ()
SEC_base_partfind (int pos)
void announce_base_position (int base_pos, const Position &draw_pos)
void clear_announced_positions ()
const AW_font_groupget_font_group () const
void paintAnnotation (AW_device *device, int gc, const Position &annotate, const Position &left, const Position &right, double noteDistance, const char *text, bool lineToAnnotated, bool linesToLeftRight, bool boxText)
void paintPosAnnotation (AW_device *device, int gc, size_t absPos, const char *text, bool lineToBase, bool boxText)
double get_bondThickWorld () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 679 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SEC_root::SEC_root ( )

Definition at line 63 of file SEC_structure.cxx.


SEC_root::~SEC_root ( )

Definition at line 168 of file SEC_structure.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void SEC_root::init ( SEC_graphic *  gfx,
AWT_canvas scr,
ED4_plugin_host host 

Definition at line 82 of file SEC_structure.cxx.

Referenced by start_SECEDIT_plugin().

bool SEC_root::under_construction ( ) const

Definition at line 744 of file SEC_root.hxx.

void SEC_root::set_under_construction ( bool  construct)

Definition at line 745 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by create_default_bone().

const SEC_db_interface* SEC_root::get_db ( ) const

Definition at line 747 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by SEC_region::read(), sec_mode_event(), and start_SECEDIT_plugin().

const ED4_plugin_host& SEC_root::host ( ) const

Definition at line 748 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References SEC_db_interface::host().

bool SEC_root::canDisplay ( ) const

Definition at line 749 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References SEC_db_interface::canDisplay().

const BI_helix* SEC_root::get_helixDef ( ) const
bool SEC_root::is_pairpos ( int  abspos) const

Definition at line 751 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References BI_helix::is_pairpos().

const char* SEC_root::helixNrAt ( int  abspos) const

Definition at line 755 of file SEC_root.hxx.

const size_t * SEC_root::getHelixPositions ( const char helixNr) const
const double& SEC_root::get_char_radius ( int  gc) const

Definition at line 758 of file SEC_root.hxx.

void SEC_root::reread_display_params ( AW_root aw_root,
const ED4_plugin_host Host 

Definition at line 760 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References SEC_displayParams::reread().

const SEC_displayParams& SEC_root::display_params ( ) const

Definition at line 761 of file SEC_root.hxx.

bool SEC_root::has_xString ( ) const

Definition at line 763 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by import_structure_from_file().

const XString& SEC_root::get_xString ( ) const

Definition at line 764 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References sec_assert.

Referenced by export_structure_to_file(), import_structure_from_file(), and SEC_region::read().

void SEC_root::paintBackgroundColor ( AW_device device,
SEC_bgpaint_mode  mode,
const Position p1,
int  color1,
int  gc1,
const Position p2,
int  color2,
int  gc2,
int  skel_gc 
void SEC_root::paintSearchPatternStrings ( AW_device device,
int  clickedPos,
AW_pos  xPos,
AW_pos  yPos 

Definition at line 463 of file SEC_paint.cxx.

References aw_message(), AW_SCREEN, SEC_GC_SBACK_0, SEC_GC_SBACK_8, and AW_device::text().

char * SEC_root::buildStructureString ( )

Definition at line 108 of file SEC_io.cxx.

References DATA_VERSION, NULp, and result.

Referenced by export_structure_to_file().

GB_ERROR SEC_root::read_data ( const char input_string,
const char x_string_in 
void SEC_root::add_autoscroll ( const Vector scroll)

Definition at line 69 of file SEC_main.cxx.

Referenced by perform_autoscroll().

void SEC_root::nail_position ( size_t  absPos)

Definition at line 52 of file SEC_main.cxx.

References SEC_drawn_positions::drawn_at().

void SEC_root::nail_cursor ( )
void SEC_root::position_cursor ( bool  toCenter,
bool  evenIfVisible 
void SEC_root::set_cursor ( int  abspos)

Definition at line 227 of file SEC_db.cxx.

bool SEC_root::perform_autoscroll ( )
void SEC_root::recalc ( )

Definition at line 803 of file SEC_root.hxx.

void SEC_root::relayout ( )

Definition at line 806 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by create_default_bone().

GB_ERROR SEC_root::split_loop ( int  start1,
int  end1,
int  start2,
int  end2 
GB_ERROR SEC_root::paint ( AW_device device)
GB_ERROR SEC_root::unsplit_loop ( SEC_helix_strand *  delete_strand)
void SEC_root::set_root ( SEC_loop *  loop)

Definition at line 124 of file SEC_split.cxx.

void SEC_root::create_default_bone ( )
void SEC_root::generate_x_string ( )

Definition at line 23 of file SEC_io.cxx.

References XString::initialize(), and sec_assert.

Referenced by create_default_bone().

void SEC_root::update_shown_positions ( )

Definition at line 479 of file SEC_db.cxx.

References SEC_db_interface::update_shown_positions().

bool SEC_root::shallDisplayPosition ( int  abspos) const

Definition at line 821 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References SEC_db_interface::shallDisplayPosition().

void SEC_root::invalidate_base_positions ( )
int SEC_root::getBackgroundColor ( int  abspos)

Definition at line 824 of file SEC_root.hxx.

const Vector& SEC_root::get_center_char_vector ( int  gc)

Definition at line 825 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References sec_assert, SEC_GC_FIRST_FONT, and SEC_GC_LAST_FONT.

size_t SEC_root::max_index ( )

Definition at line 830 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References SEC_db_interface::length(), and sec_assert.

int SEC_root::get_cursor ( ) const

Definition at line 836 of file SEC_root.hxx.

SEC_loop* SEC_root::get_root_loop ( ) const

Definition at line 838 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by export_structure_to_file().

void SEC_root::set_root_loop ( SEC_loop *  loop)

Definition at line 839 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by create_default_bone().

SEC_BASE_TYPE SEC_root::get_show_constraints ( )

Definition at line 841 of file SEC_root.hxx.

void SEC_root::set_show_constraints ( SEC_BASE_TYPE  show)

Definition at line 842 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by sec_mode_event().

void SEC_root::set_last_drawed_cursor_position ( const LineVector line)

Definition at line 844 of file SEC_root.hxx.

References line.

const LineVector& SEC_root::get_last_drawed_cursor_position ( ) const

Definition at line 845 of file SEC_root.hxx.

Referenced by position_cursor().

void SEC_root::clear_last_drawed_cursor_position ( )

Definition at line 846 of file SEC_root.hxx.

SEC_base_part * SEC_root::find ( int  pos)
void SEC_root::announce_base_position ( int  base_pos,
const Position draw_pos 

Definition at line 318 of file SEC_paint.cxx.

void SEC_root::clear_announced_positions ( )

Definition at line 321 of file SEC_paint.cxx.

References SEC_drawn_positions::clear().

const AW_font_group& SEC_root::get_font_group ( ) const

Definition at line 853 of file SEC_root.hxx.

void SEC_root::paintAnnotation ( AW_device device,
int  gc,
const Position annotate,
const Position left,
const Position right,
double  noteDistance,
const char text,
bool  lineToAnnotated,
bool  linesToLeftRight,
bool  boxText 
void SEC_root::paintPosAnnotation ( AW_device device,
int  gc,
size_t  absPos,
const char text,
bool  lineToBase,
bool  boxText 
double SEC_root::get_bondThickWorld ( ) const

Definition at line 865 of file SEC_root.hxx.

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