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Structure3D Struct Reference

#include <RNA3D_StructureData.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Structure3D (ED4_plugin_host &host_)
 ~Structure3D ()
void ReadCoOrdinateFile ()
void StoreCoordinates (float x, float y, float z, char base, unsigned int pos)
void GetSecondaryStructureInfo ()
void Store2Dinfo (char *info, int pos, int helixNr)
void Combine2Dand3DstructureInfo ()
void Store2D3Dinfo (Struct2Dinfo *s2D, Struct3Dinfo *s3D)
void DeleteOldMoleculeData ()
void GenerateMoleculeSkeleton ()
void ComputeBasePositions ()
void PositionsToCoordinatesDispList (int listID, int *pos, int len)
void PointsToQuads (float x, float y, float z)
void StoreHelixNrInfo (float x, float y, float z, int helixNr)
void GenerateDisplayLists ()
void GenerateHelixDispLists (int HELIX_NR_ID, int HELIX_NR)
void GenerateHelixNrDispList (int startHx, int endHx)
void GenerateSecStructureHelixRegions ()
void GenerateSecStructureNonHelixRegions ()
void GenerateSecStructureUnpairedHelixRegions ()
void GenerateTertiaryInteractionsDispLists ()
void MapCurrentSpeciesToEcoliTemplate (AW_root *awr)
void StoreCurrSpeciesDifference (char base, int pos)
void DeleteOldSpeciesData ()
void BuildDisplayList (int listID, int *pos, int len)
void GenerateBaseDifferenceDisplayList ()
void GenerateBaseDifferencePositionDisplayList ()
void StoreInsertions (char base, int pos)
void DeleteOldInsertionData ()
void GenerateInsertionDisplayList ()
void GenerateCursorPositionDispList (long pos)
void MapSaiToEcoliTemplate ()
void MapSearchStringsToEcoliTemplate (AW_root *awr)
int calc_helix_count ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Noncopyable
 Noncopyable ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int FindTypeOfRNA ()

Public Attributes

int iInterval
int iMapSAI
int iMapSearch
int iMapEnable
int iStartPos
int iEndPos
int iEColiStartPos
int iEColiEndPos
int iTotalSubs
int iTotalDels
int iTotalIns
int LSU_molID
int HelixBase

Static Public Attributes

static GBDATAgb_main = NULp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file RNA3D_StructureData.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Structure3D::Structure3D ( ED4_plugin_host host_)

Definition at line 56 of file RNA3D_StructureData.cxx.

Structure3D::~Structure3D ( )

Definition at line 76 of file RNA3D_StructureData.cxx.

References GRAPHICS, and strCen.

Member Function Documentation

void Structure3D::ReadCoOrdinateFile ( )
void Structure3D::StoreCoordinates ( float  x,
float  y,
float  z,
char  base,
unsigned int  pos 
void Structure3D::GetSecondaryStructureInfo ( )
void Structure3D::Store2Dinfo ( char info,
int  pos,
int  helixNr 
void Structure3D::Combine2Dand3DstructureInfo ( )
void Structure3D::Store2D3Dinfo ( Struct2Dinfo s2D,
Struct3Dinfo s3D 
int Structure3D::FindTypeOfRNA ( )
void Structure3D::DeleteOldMoleculeData ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateMoleculeSkeleton ( )
void Structure3D::ComputeBasePositions ( )
void Structure3D::PositionsToCoordinatesDispList ( int  listID,
int pos,
int  len 
void Structure3D::PointsToQuads ( float  x,
float  y,
float  z 
void Structure3D::StoreHelixNrInfo ( float  x,
float  y,
float  z,
int  helixNr 
void Structure3D::GenerateDisplayLists ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateHelixDispLists ( int  HELIX_NR_ID,
int  HELIX_NR 
void Structure3D::GenerateHelixNrDispList ( int  startHx,
int  endHx 
void Structure3D::GenerateSecStructureHelixRegions ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateSecStructureNonHelixRegions ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateSecStructureUnpairedHelixRegions ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateTertiaryInteractionsDispLists ( )
void Structure3D::MapCurrentSpeciesToEcoliTemplate ( AW_root awr)
void Structure3D::StoreCurrSpeciesDifference ( char  base,
int  pos 
void Structure3D::DeleteOldSpeciesData ( )
void Structure3D::BuildDisplayList ( int  listID,
int pos,
int  len 
void Structure3D::GenerateBaseDifferenceDisplayList ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateBaseDifferencePositionDisplayList ( )
void Structure3D::StoreInsertions ( char  base,
int  pos 
void Structure3D::DeleteOldInsertionData ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateInsertionDisplayList ( )
void Structure3D::GenerateCursorPositionDispList ( long  pos)
void Structure3D::MapSaiToEcoliTemplate ( )
void Structure3D::MapSearchStringsToEcoliTemplate ( AW_root awr)
int Structure3D::calc_helix_count ( )

Member Data Documentation

Vector3* Structure3D::strCen

Definition at line 110 of file RNA3D_StructureData.hxx.

Referenced by ReadCoOrdinateFile(), RenderOpenGLScene(), and ~Structure3D().

int Structure3D::iInterval

Definition at line 112 of file RNA3D_StructureData.hxx.

Referenced by ComputeBasePositions(), and MapDisplayParameters().

int Structure3D::iMapSAI
int Structure3D::iMapSearch
int Structure3D::iMapEnable
int Structure3D::iStartPos
int Structure3D::iEndPos
int Structure3D::iEColiStartPos

Definition at line 117 of file RNA3D_StructureData.hxx.

Referenced by ReadCoOrdinateFile().

int Structure3D::iEColiEndPos

Definition at line 117 of file RNA3D_StructureData.hxx.

Referenced by ReadCoOrdinateFile().

int Structure3D::iTotalSubs
int Structure3D::iTotalDels
int Structure3D::iTotalIns
int Structure3D::LSU_molID

Definition at line 119 of file RNA3D_StructureData.hxx.

Referenced by Change3DMolecule_CB(), and ReadCoOrdinateFile().

int Structure3D::HelixBase
GBDATA * Structure3D::gb_main = NULp
BI_ecoli_ref* Structure3D::EColiRef
ED4_plugin_host& Structure3D::Host
OpenGLGraphics* Structure3D::GRAPHICS

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