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FieldTransfer::ItemClonedByRuleSet Class Reference

#include <xferset.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ItemClonedByRuleSet (GBDATA *&gb_item, ClonableItemType itemtype_, RuleSetPtr ruleset, ItemCloneType type_, GBDATA *gb_refItem, const AlignmentTransporter *aliTransporter)
 ~ItemClonedByRuleSet ()
bool has_error () const
GB_ERROR get_error () const
GBDATAget_clone ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 290 of file xferset.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FieldTransfer::ItemClonedByRuleSet::ItemClonedByRuleSet ( GBDATA *&  gb_item,
ClonableItemType  itemtype_,
RuleSetPtr  ruleset,
ItemCloneType  type_,
GBDATA gb_refItem,
const AlignmentTransporter aliTransporter 

clone or update item using ruleset.

gb_itemthe source item (will be set to NULp if type_ is REPLACE_ITEM_BY_CLONE).
itemtype_currently always CLONE_ITEM_SPECIES.
rulesetruleset used to transfer fields from source item to cloned item
type_type of clone (see ItemCloneType for details).
gb_refItemCLONE_INTO_EXISTING: target species, REAL_CLONE: target item container, otherwise: NULp
aliTransporterallows to overide how alignment gets copied (default: copy all alignment sub-containers)

Definition at line 623 of file xferset.cxx.

References FieldTransfer::CLONE_INTO_EXISTING, FieldTransfer::CLONE_ITEM_SPECIES, GB_transaction::close(), error(), GB_await_error(), GB_child(), GB_create_container(), GB_delete(), GB_entry(), GB_get_father(), GB_nextChild(), GB_read_char_pntr(), GB_read_key_pntr(), GB_write_string(), GBS_global_string(), NULp, FieldTransfer::REAL_CLONE, FieldTransfer::RENAME_ITEM_WHILE_TEMP_CLONE_EXISTS, FieldTransfer::REPLACE_ITEM_BY_CLONE, FieldTransfer::AlignmentTransporter::shallCopyBefore(), FieldTransfer::StrArray2StrSet(), ta, FieldTransfer::AlignmentTransporter::transport(), UNCOVERED, and xf_assert.

FieldTransfer::ItemClonedByRuleSet::~ItemClonedByRuleSet ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool FieldTransfer::ItemClonedByRuleSet::has_error ( ) const
GB_ERROR FieldTransfer::ItemClonedByRuleSet::get_error ( ) const

Definition at line 325 of file xferset.h.

References has_error(), and xf_assert.

Referenced by ArbImporter::read_data(), and ViaFtsTransporter::transferOne().

GBDATA* FieldTransfer::ItemClonedByRuleSet::get_clone ( )

Definition at line 332 of file xferset.h.

References has_error(), and xf_assert.

Referenced by ViaFtsTransporter::transferOne().

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