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PartRegistry Class Reference

#include <CT_hash.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 PartRegistry ()
 ~PartRegistry ()
void put_part_from_complete_tree (PART *&part, const TreeNode *node)
void put_part_from_partial_tree (PART *&part, const PART *partialTree, const TreeNode *node)
void put_artificial_part (PART *&part)
void build_sorted_list (double overall_weight)
PARTget_part ()
const PARTpeek_part (int idx) const
size_t size () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file CT_hash.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PartRegistry::PartRegistry ( )

Definition at line 42 of file CT_hash.hxx.

References arb_assert.

PartRegistry::~PartRegistry ( )

Definition at line 18 of file CT_hash.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void PartRegistry::put_part_from_complete_tree ( PART *&  part,
const TreeNode node 

insert part in PartRegistry (destroys/reassigns part)

Definition at line 46 of file CT_hash.cxx.

References arb_assert, NULp, PART::set_origin(), and PART::standardize().

Referenced by put_part_from_partial_tree().

void PartRegistry::put_part_from_partial_tree ( PART *&  part,
const PART partialTree,
const TreeNode node 
void PartRegistry::put_artificial_part ( PART *&  part)

Definition at line 65 of file CT_hash.cxx.

References arb_assert, NULp, and PART::standardize().

void PartRegistry::build_sorted_list ( double  overall_weight)

sort the parts into insertion order.

Definition at line 143 of file CT_hash.cxx.

References arb_assert, copy(), and insertionOrder_less().

Referenced by DeconstructedTree::start_sorted_retrieval().

PART * PartRegistry::get_part ( )

each call to get_part() returns the next part from the sorted PART-list. build_sorted_list() has to be called once before.

Definition at line 24 of file CT_hash.cxx.

References arb_assert, NULp, and swap().

Referenced by DeconstructedTree::get_part().

const PART * PartRegistry::peek_part ( int  idx) const

Definition at line 38 of file CT_hash.cxx.

References arb_assert, and size().

Referenced by DeconstructedTree::peek_part().

size_t PartRegistry::size ( ) const

Definition at line 59 of file CT_hash.hxx.

Referenced by DeconstructedTree::get_part_count(), and peek_part().

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