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AW_selection_list Class Reference

#include <aw_select.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 AW_selection_list (const char *variable_name_, int variable_type_, Widget select_list_widget_)
 ~AW_selection_list ()
const charget_awar_name () const
GB_TYPES get_awar_type () const
size_t size ()
void insert (const char *displayed, const AW_scalar &value)
void insert_default (const char *displayed, const AW_scalar &value)
template<class T >
void insert (const char *displayed, T value)
template<class T >
void insert_default (const char *displayed, T value)
void init_from_array (const CharPtrArray &entries, const char *default_displayed, const char *default_value)
void update ()
void refresh ()
void set_update_callback (sellist_update_cb ucb, AW_CL cl_user)
void sort (bool backward, bool case_sensitive)
void sortCustom (sellist_cmp_fun cmp)
AW_scalar get_awar_value () const
void set_awar_value (const AW_scalar &new_value)
const AW_scalarget_default_value () const
const charget_default_display () const
void select_default ()
const AW_scalarget_selected_value () const
int get_index_of (const AW_scalar &searched_value)
int get_index_of_selected ()
const AW_scalarget_value_at (int index)
void select_element_at (int wanted_index)
void move_selection (int offset)
bool default_is_selected () const
void delete_element_at (int index)
void delete_value (const AW_scalar &value)
void delete_default ()
void clear ()
void move_content_to (AW_selection_list *target_list)
void to_array (StrArray &array, bool values)
GB_HASHto_hash (bool case_sens)
charget_content_as_string (long number_of_lines)
void set_file_suffix (const char *suffix)
GB_ERROR load (const char *filename)
GB_ERROR save (const char *filename, long number_of_lines)

Public Attributes

Widget select_list_widget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file aw_select.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AW_selection_list::AW_selection_list ( const char variable_name_,
int  variable_type_,
Widget  select_list_widget_ 

Definition at line 32 of file AW_select.cxx.

AW_selection_list::~AW_selection_list ( )

Definition at line 44 of file AW_select.cxx.

References clear().

Member Function Documentation

const char* AW_selection_list::get_awar_name ( ) const

Definition at line 82 of file aw_select.hxx.

GB_TYPES AW_selection_list::get_awar_type ( ) const

Definition at line 84 of file aw_select.hxx.

size_t AW_selection_list::size ( )
void AW_selection_list::insert ( const char displayed,
const AW_scalar value 
void AW_selection_list::insert_default ( const char displayed,
const AW_scalar value 
template<class T >
void AW_selection_list::insert ( const char displayed,
T  value 

Definition at line 93 of file aw_select.hxx.

References insert().

Referenced by insert().

template<class T >
void AW_selection_list::insert_default ( const char displayed,
T  value 

Definition at line 94 of file aw_select.hxx.

References insert_default().

Referenced by insert_default().

void AW_selection_list::init_from_array ( const CharPtrArray entries,
const char default_displayed,
const char default_value 
void AW_selection_list::update ( )

Definition at line 53 of file AW_select.cxx.

References default_select, AW_selection_list_entry::get_displayed(), list_table, AW_selection_list_entry::next, NULp, refresh(), select_list_widget, size(), and XmStringCreateSimple_wrapper().

Referenced by add_probe_to_collection_event(), awt_clear_selection_list_cb(), awt_create_select_filter_window_gb_cb(), awtc_nn_search(), calculate_preserves_cb(), clear_candidates(), AW_subset_selection::collect_subset_cb(), create_next_neighbours_selected_window(), QUERY::create_query_box(), QUERY::DbQuery_update_list(), AW_subset_selection::delete_entries_missing_in_parent(), File_selection::fill(), SAI_selection::fill(), fillSelNamList(), ImportTestData::forgetLastImport(), init_from_array(), ProbeValuation::insert_in_result_list(), StorableSelectionList::load(), MG_update_selection_list_on_field_transfers(), modify_probe_event(), MP_collect_probes(), MP_Comment(), MP_compute(), MP_delete_selected(), MP_gen_quality(), MP_gen_singleprobe(), MP_modify_selected(), MP_new_sequence(), NT_create_colstat_2_gnuplot_window(), primer_design_event_go(), probe_match_all_event(), probe_match_event(), refill_boolrules_sellist(), ImportTestData::refill_species_list(), refill_syncWithList_cb(), AW_selection::refresh(), refresh_availfield_selbox_cb(), refresh_inputfield_selbox_cb(), refresh_rule_selection_box_cb(), remove_probe_from_collection_event(), resolve_IUPAC_target_string(), show_probes_in_sellist(), update_ClrTransTabNamesList_cb(), ClustersData::update_cluster_selection_list(), and update_colorset_selection_list().

void AW_selection_list::refresh ( )
void AW_selection_list::set_update_callback ( sellist_update_cb  ucb,
AW_CL  cl_user 

Definition at line 92 of file AW_select.cxx.

References aw_assert.

Referenced by awt_create_subset_selection_list().

void AW_selection_list::sort ( bool  backward,
bool  case_sensitive 
void AW_selection_list::sortCustom ( sellist_cmp_fun  cmp)
AW_scalar AW_selection_list::get_awar_value ( ) const
void AW_selection_list::set_awar_value ( const AW_scalar new_value)
const AW_scalar * AW_selection_list::get_default_value ( ) const
const char * AW_selection_list::get_default_display ( ) const
void AW_selection_list::select_default ( )

Definition at line 244 of file AW_select.cxx.

References get_default_value(), and set_awar_value().

Referenced by delete_element_at().

const AW_scalar * AW_selection_list::get_selected_value ( ) const
int AW_selection_list::get_index_of ( const AW_scalar searched_value)

get index of an entry in the selection list

0..n-1 index of matching element (or -1)

Definition at line 303 of file AW_select.cxx.

References AW_selection_list_entry::get_value().

Referenced by AW_subset_selection::collect_subset_cb(), delete_value(), get_index_of_selected(), GroupUIdata::get_selected_group(), and reorder_configs_cb().

int AW_selection_list::get_index_of_selected ( )
const AW_scalar * AW_selection_list::get_value_at ( int  index)
void AW_selection_list::select_element_at ( int  wanted_index)
void AW_selection_list::move_selection ( int  offset)

move selection 'offset' position offset == 1 -> select next element offset == -1 -> select previous element

Definition at line 415 of file AW_select.cxx.

References get_index_of_selected(), and select_element_at().

Referenced by add_selected_cb(), hide_field_cb(), MP_Comment(), MP_show_probes_in_tree_move(), and nt_delete_configuration().

bool AW_selection_list::default_is_selected ( ) const
void AW_selection_list::delete_element_at ( int  index)
void AW_selection_list::delete_value ( const AW_scalar value)

Definition at line 269 of file AW_select.cxx.

References delete_element_at(), and get_index_of().

Referenced by MP_Comment(), MP_gen_quality(), and MP_gen_singleprobe().

void AW_selection_list::delete_default ( )

Removes the default entry from the list

Definition at line 372 of file AW_select.cxx.

References default_select, and NULp.

Referenced by clear(), insert_default(), and move_content_to().

void AW_selection_list::clear ( )
void AW_selection_list::move_content_to ( AW_selection_list target_list)
void AW_selection_list::to_array ( StrArray &  array,
bool  values 

read contents of selection list into an array.

valuestrue->read values, false->read displayed strings Use GBT_free_names() to free the result.

Note: if 'values' is true, this function only works for string selection lists!

Definition at line 516 of file AW_select.cxx.

References aw_assert, list_table, AW_selection_list_entry::next, and size().

Referenced by AW_selection::get_displayed(), AW_selection::get_values(), reorder_configs_cb(), AW_subset_selection::reorder_subset_cb(), and StorableSelectionList::save().

GB_HASH * AW_selection_list::to_hash ( bool  case_sens)
char * AW_selection_list::get_content_as_string ( long  number_of_lines)
void AW_selection_list::set_file_suffix ( const char suffix)

Definition at line 450 of file AW_select.cxx.

References AW_root::awar_string(), and AW_root::SINGLETON.

Referenced by MP_Window::create_result_window().

GB_ERROR AW_selection_list::load ( const char filename)
GB_ERROR AW_selection_list::save ( const char filename,
long  number_of_lines 

Member Data Documentation

Widget AW_selection_list::select_list_widget

Definition at line 73 of file aw_select.hxx.

Referenced by get_selected_value(), refresh(), and update().

AW_selection_list_entry* AW_selection_list::list_table
AW_selection_list_entry* AW_selection_list::last_of_list_table

Definition at line 76 of file aw_select.hxx.

Referenced by clear(), delete_element_at(), and sortCustom().

AW_selection_list_entry* AW_selection_list::default_select
AW_selection_list* AW_selection_list::next

Definition at line 78 of file aw_select.hxx.

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