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BI_helix Class Reference

#include <BI_helix.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 BI_helix ()
 ~BI_helix ()
GB_ERROR init (GBDATA *gb_main)
GB_ERROR init (GBDATA *gb_main, const char *alignment_name)
GB_ERROR initFromData (const char *helix_nr, const char *helix, size_t size)
size_t size () const
bool has_entries () const
const BI_helix_entryentry (size_t pos) const
size_t opposite_position (size_t pos) const
bool is_pairpos (size_t pos) const
const charhelixNr (size_t pos) const
long first_pair_position () const
long next_pair_position (size_t pos) const
long first_position (const char *helixNr) const
long last_position (const char *helixNr) const

Static Public Member Functions

static GB_ERROR get_error ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file BI_helix.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BI_helix::BI_helix ( )

Definition at line 122 of file BI_helix.cxx.

References NULp.

BI_helix::~BI_helix ( )

Definition at line 127 of file BI_helix.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

static GB_ERROR BI_helix::get_error ( )
GB_ERROR BI_helix::init ( GBDATA gb_main)
GB_ERROR BI_helix::init ( GBDATA gb_main,
const char alignment_name 
GB_ERROR BI_helix::initFromData ( const char helix_nr,
const char helix,
size_t  size 
size_t BI_helix::size ( ) const
bool BI_helix::has_entries ( ) const

Definition at line 106 of file BI_helix.hxx.

Referenced by ED4_set_helixnr(), and SQ_helix::SQ_calc_helix_layout().

const BI_helix_entry& BI_helix::entry ( size_t  pos) const

Definition at line 107 of file BI_helix.hxx.

References bi_assert.

Referenced by helixNr(), is_pairpos(), and opposite_position().

size_t BI_helix::opposite_position ( size_t  pos) const
bool BI_helix::is_pairpos ( size_t  pos) const
const char* BI_helix::helixNr ( size_t  pos) const
long BI_helix::first_pair_position ( ) const

Definition at line 342 of file BI_helix.cxx.

References BI_helix_entry::is_pairpos, and next_pair_position().

Referenced by findLongestHelix(), and first_position().

long BI_helix::next_pair_position ( size_t  pos) const
long BI_helix::first_position ( const char helixNr) const
long BI_helix::last_position ( const char helixNr) const

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