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ED4_cursor Class Reference

#include <ed4_class.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

bool is_partly_visible () const
bool is_completely_visible () const
bool is_hidden_inside_group () const
void changeType (ED4_CursorType typ)
ED4_CursorType getType () const
void redraw ()
ED4_returncode HideCursor ()
ED4_returncode move_cursor (AW_event *event)
ED4_returncode show_clicked_cursor (AW_pos click_xpos, ED4_terminal *target_terminal)
ED4_returncode show_cursor_at (ED4_terminal *target_terminal, ED4_index what_pos)
ED4_returncode ShowCursor (ED4_index offset_x, ED4_cursor_move move, int move_pos=1)
int get_sequence_pos () const
int get_screen_pos () const
long get_abs_x () const
void set_abs_x ()
int base2sequence_position (int base_pos) const
int sequence2base_position (int seq_pos) const
int get_base_position () const
void prepare_shutdown ()
void jump_screen_pos (int screen_pos, ED4_CursorJumpType jump_type)
void jump_sequence_pos (int sequence_pos, ED4_CursorJumpType jump_type)
void jump_base_pos (int base_pos, ED4_CursorJumpType jump_type)
int get_screen_relative_pos () const
void set_screen_relative_pos (int scroll_to_relpos)
void set_to_terminal (ED4_terminal *terminal, int seq_pos, ED4_CursorJumpType jump_type)
bool in_species_seq_terminal () const
bool in_consensus_terminal () const
bool in_SAI_terminal () const
void announce_deletion (ED4_terminal *object)
void init ()
ED4_windowwindow () const
 ED4_cursor (ED4_window *win)
 ~ED4_cursor ()

Public Attributes

bool allowed_to_draw

Detailed Description

Definition at line 628 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ED4_cursor::ED4_cursor ( ED4_window win)
ED4_cursor::~ED4_cursor ( )

Definition at line 389 of file ED4_cursor.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool ED4_cursor::is_partly_visible ( ) const
bool ED4_cursor::is_completely_visible ( ) const
bool ED4_cursor::is_hidden_inside_group ( ) const
void ED4_cursor::changeType ( ED4_CursorType  typ)
ED4_CursorType ED4_cursor::getType ( ) const

Definition at line 652 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Referenced by ED4_change_cursor(), and redraw().

void ED4_cursor::redraw ( )

Definition at line 654 of file ed4_class.hxx.

References changeType(), and getType().

Referenced by redraw_cursor().

ED4_returncode ED4_cursor::HideCursor ( )

Definition at line 771 of file ED4_cursor.cxx.

References ED4_R_OK, is_partly_visible(), NULp, and owner_of_cursor.

Referenced by changeType(), and jump_to_corresponding_seq_terminal().

ED4_returncode ED4_cursor::move_cursor ( AW_event event)
ED4_returncode ED4_cursor::show_clicked_cursor ( AW_pos  click_xpos,
ED4_terminal target_terminal 
ED4_returncode ED4_cursor::show_cursor_at ( ED4_terminal target_terminal,
ED4_index  what_pos 
ED4_returncode ED4_cursor::ShowCursor ( ED4_index  offset_x,
ED4_cursor_move  move,
int  move_pos = 1 
int ED4_cursor::get_sequence_pos ( ) const
int ED4_cursor::get_screen_pos ( ) const

Definition at line 663 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Referenced by executeKeystroke(), and jump_screen_pos().

long ED4_cursor::get_abs_x ( ) const

Definition at line 665 of file ed4_class.hxx.

void ED4_cursor::set_abs_x ( )
int ED4_cursor::base2sequence_position ( int  base_pos) const
int ED4_cursor::sequence2base_position ( int  seq_pos) const
int ED4_cursor::get_base_position ( ) const

Definition at line 671 of file ed4_class.hxx.

References get_sequence_pos(), and sequence2base_position().

Referenced by ED4_with_whole_block(), and jump_base_pos().

void ED4_cursor::prepare_shutdown ( )

Definition at line 673 of file ed4_class.hxx.

References ED4_base_position::prepare_shutdown().

Referenced by ED4_exit().

void ED4_cursor::jump_screen_pos ( int  screen_pos,
ED4_CursorJumpType  jump_type 
void ED4_cursor::jump_sequence_pos ( int  sequence_pos,
ED4_CursorJumpType  jump_type 
void ED4_cursor::jump_base_pos ( int  base_pos,
ED4_CursorJumpType  jump_type 
int ED4_cursor::get_screen_relative_pos ( ) const

Definition at line 908 of file ED4_cursor.cxx.

References ED4_window::coords, window(), and ED4_coords::window_left_clip_point.

Referenced by set_screen_relative_pos().

void ED4_cursor::set_screen_relative_pos ( int  scroll_to_relpos)
void ED4_cursor::set_to_terminal ( ED4_terminal terminal,
int  seq_pos,
ED4_CursorJumpType  jump_type 
bool ED4_cursor::in_species_seq_terminal ( ) const

Definition at line 1852 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Referenced by ED4_toggle_detailed_column_stats(), and PV_SequenceUpdate_CB().

bool ED4_cursor::in_consensus_terminal ( ) const

Definition at line 1853 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Referenced by dot_missing_bases(), ED4_set_iupac(), and is_hidden_inside_group().

bool ED4_cursor::in_SAI_terminal ( ) const

Definition at line 1854 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Referenced by modsai_cb(), and toggle_helix_for_SAI().

void ED4_cursor::announce_deletion ( ED4_terminal object)

Definition at line 688 of file ed4_class.hxx.

References ED4_base_position::announce_deletion(), and NULp.

Referenced by ED4_window::announce_deletion().

void ED4_cursor::init ( )

Definition at line 383 of file ED4_cursor.cxx.

References NULp, and owner_of_cursor.

Referenced by ED4_cursor(), and ED4_terminal::~ED4_terminal().

ED4_window* ED4_cursor::window ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

bool ED4_cursor::allowed_to_draw

Definition at line 643 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Referenced by ED4_cursor(), jump_screen_pos(), and ShowCursor().

ED4_terminal* ED4_cursor::owner_of_cursor

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