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AW_gc_manager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 AW_gc_manager (const char *name, AW_device *device_, int drag_gc_offset_, AW_window *aww_, int colorindex_base_)
void init_all_fonts () const
void update_all_fonts (bool sizeChanged) const
void init_color_ranges (int &gc)
bool has_color_range () const
int first_range_gc () const
bool has_color_groups () const
bool has_variable_width_font () const
int size () const
const gc_descget_gc_desc (int idx) const
const charget_base_name () const
int get_drag_gc () const
void add_gc (const char *gc_description, int &gc, gc_type type, const char *id_prefix=NULp)
void add_gc_range (const char *gc_description)
void reserve_gcs (const char *gc_description, int &gc)
void add_color_groups (int &gc)
void update_gc_color (int idx) const
void update_gc_font (int idx) const
void update_range_gc_color (int idx, const char *color) const
void create_gc_buttons (AW_window *aww, gc_type for_gc_type)
void set_changed_cb (const GcChangedCallback &ccb)
void trigger_changed_cb (GcChange whatChanged) const
void delay_changed_callbacks (bool suppress) const
const charget_current_color (int idx) const
void getColorRangeNames (int dimension, ConstStrArray &ids, ConstStrArray &names) const
void activateColorRange (const char *id)
const chargetActiveColorRangeID (int *dimension) const
const charawarname_active_range () const
void active_range_changed_cb (AW_root *awr)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool color_groups_initialized ()

Static Public Attributes

static const char ** color_group_defaults = NULp
static bool use_color_groups = false
static bool show_range_overlay = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 289 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AW_gc_manager::AW_gc_manager ( const char name,
AW_device device_,
int  drag_gc_offset_,
AW_window aww_,
int  colorindex_base_ 

Definition at line 340 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

static bool AW_gc_manager::color_groups_initialized ( )
void AW_gc_manager::init_all_fonts ( ) const
void AW_gc_manager::update_all_fonts ( bool  sizeChanged) const
void AW_gc_manager::init_color_ranges ( int gc)
bool AW_gc_manager::has_color_range ( ) const

Definition at line 358 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Referenced by add_gc(), AW_create_gc_window_named(), and init_color_ranges().

int AW_gc_manager::first_range_gc ( ) const

Definition at line 359 of file AW_preset.cxx.


Referenced by AW_getFirstRangeGC(), init_color_ranges(), and update_range_gc_color().

bool AW_gc_manager::has_color_groups ( ) const

Definition at line 361 of file AW_preset.cxx.

References NO_INDEX.

Referenced by AW_create_gc_window_named().

bool AW_gc_manager::has_variable_width_font ( ) const

Definition at line 950 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Referenced by AW_create_gc_window_named().

int AW_gc_manager::size ( ) const

Definition at line 364 of file AW_preset.cxx.

const gc_desc& AW_gc_manager::get_gc_desc ( int  idx) const

Definition at line 365 of file AW_preset.cxx.

References aw_assert.

Referenced by get_current_color().

const char* AW_gc_manager::get_base_name ( ) const
int AW_gc_manager::get_drag_gc ( ) const

Definition at line 370 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Referenced by AW_get_drag_gc().

void AW_gc_manager::add_gc ( const char gc_description,
int gc,
gc_type  type,
const char id_prefix = NULp 
void AW_gc_manager::add_gc_range ( const char gc_description)
void AW_gc_manager::reserve_gcs ( const char gc_description,
int gc 

Definition at line 827 of file AW_preset.cxx.

References aw_assert.

Referenced by AW_manage_GC().

void AW_gc_manager::add_color_groups ( int gc)
void AW_gc_manager::update_gc_color ( int  idx) const
void AW_gc_manager::update_gc_font ( int  idx) const
void AW_gc_manager::update_range_gc_color ( int  idx,
const char color 
) const

Definition at line 380 of file AW_preset.cxx.

References first_range_gc().

Referenced by gc_range::update_colors().

void AW_gc_manager::create_gc_buttons ( AW_window aww,
gc_type  for_gc_type 
void AW_gc_manager::set_changed_cb ( const GcChangedCallback &  ccb)

Definition at line 386 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Referenced by AW_manage_GC().

void AW_gc_manager::trigger_changed_cb ( GcChange  whatChanged) const
void AW_gc_manager::delay_changed_callbacks ( bool  suppress) const

Definition at line 399 of file AW_preset.cxx.

References aw_assert, and trigger_changed_cb().

Referenced by update_all_fonts().

const char* AW_gc_manager::get_current_color ( int  idx) const
void AW_gc_manager::getColorRangeNames ( int  dimension,
ConstStrArray ids,
ConstStrArray names 
) const
void AW_gc_manager::activateColorRange ( const char id)
const char * AW_gc_manager::getActiveColorRangeID ( int dimension) const

Definition at line 807 of file AW_preset.cxx.

References gc_range::get_dimension(), and gc_range::get_id().

Referenced by AW_getActiveColorRangeID().

const char* AW_gc_manager::awarname_active_range ( ) const

Definition at line 419 of file AW_preset.cxx.

References gcman_awarname(), and get_base_name().

Referenced by activateColorRange(), active_range_changed_cb(), and AW_manage_GC().

void AW_gc_manager::active_range_changed_cb ( AW_root awr)

Member Data Documentation

const char ** AW_gc_manager::color_group_defaults = NULp

Definition at line 333 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Referenced by add_color_groups(), and color_groups_initialized().

bool AW_gc_manager::use_color_groups = false

Definition at line 335 of file AW_preset.cxx.

Referenced by AW_color_groups_active().

bool AW_gc_manager::show_range_overlay = false

Definition at line 336 of file AW_preset.cxx.

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