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ED4_terminal Class Referenceabstract

#include <ed4_class.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void changed_by_database () OVERRIDE
void deleted_from_database () OVERRIDE
void Show (bool refresh_all, bool is_cleared) OVERRIDE
virtual void draw ()=0
bool calc_bounding_box () FINAL_OVERRIDE
ED4_returncode draw_drag_box (AW_pos x, AW_pos y, GB_CSTR text=NULp, int cursor_y=-1)
void request_refresh (int clear=1) FINAL_OVERRIDE
void resize_requested_children () OVERRIDE
void update_requested_children () OVERRIDE
void delete_requested_children () OVERRIDE
void Delete () OVERRIDE
ED4_returncode event_sent_by_parent (AW_event *event, AW_window *aww) OVERRIDE
ED4_returncode kill_object ()
ED4_basesearch_ID (const char *id) OVERRIDE
charresolve_pointer_to_string_copy (int *str_len=NULp) const FINAL_OVERRIDE
const charresolve_pointer_to_char_pntr (int *str_len=NULp) const FINAL_OVERRIDE
void remove_callbacks () FINAL_OVERRIDE
GB_ERROR write_sequence (const char *seq, int seq_len)
void scroll_into_view (ED4_window *ed4w)
bool setCursorTo (ED4_cursor *cursor, int seq_pos, bool unfoldGroups, ED4_CursorJumpType jump_type)
bool is_hidden () const FINAL_OVERRIDE
 ED4_terminal (const ED4_objspec &spec_, GB_CSTR id, AW_pos width, AW_pos height, ED4_manager *parent)
 ~ED4_terminal () OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from ED4_base
void draw_bb (int color)
GBDATAget_species_pointer () const
void set_species_pointer (GBDATA *gbd)
bool has_callback () const
int adjust_clipping_rectangle ()
void resize_dynamic ()
ED4_returncode clear_background (int color=0)
void set_links (ED4_base *width_ref, ED4_base *height_ref)
void set_both_links (ED4_base *ref)
void set_property (ED4_properties prop)
void clr_property (ED4_properties prop)
bool has_property (ED4_properties prop) const
void calc_rel_coords (AW_pos *x, AW_pos *y)
void calc_world_coords (AW_pos *x, AW_pos *y) const
const AW::Positioncalc_world_coords () const
void update_world_coords_cache () const
AW::Rectangle get_win_area (ED4_window *ed4w) const
void request_resize ()
void request_resize_of_linked ()
void resize_requested_by_link (ED4_base *link)
void set_update ()
virtual ARB_ERROR route_down_hierarchy (const ED4_route_cb &cb)
int calc_group_depth ()
void check_all ()
short in_border (AW_pos abs_x, AW_pos abs_y, ED4_movemode mode)
ED4_returncode set_width ()
ED4_AREA_LEVEL get_area_level (ED4_multi_species_manager **multi_species_manager=NULp) const
ED4_managerget_parent (ED4_level lev) const
void unlink_from_parent ()
bool has_parent (ED4_manager *Parent)
bool is_child_of (ED4_manager *Parent)
ED4_group_manageris_in_folded_group () const
charget_name_of_species ()
ED4_terminalget_next_terminal ()
ED4_terminalget_prev_terminal ()
void generate_configuration_string (GBS_strstruct &buffer)
const ED4_terminalget_consensus_relevant_terminal () const
 ED4_base (const ED4_objspec &spec_, GB_CSTR id, AW_pos width, AW_pos height, ED4_manager *parent)
virtual ~ED4_base ()
int is_terminal () const
int is_text_terminal () const
int is_species_name_terminal () const
int is_sequence_info_terminal () const
int is_sequence_terminal () const
int is_orf_terminal () const
int is_pure_text_terminal () const
int is_columnStat_terminal () const
int is_bracket_terminal () const
int is_spacer_terminal () const
int is_line_terminal () const
int is_flag_header_terminal () const
int is_flag_terminal () const
int is_manager () const
int is_sequence_manager () const
int is_multi_name_manager () const
int is_name_manager () const
int is_multi_species_manager () const
int is_multi_sequence_manager () const
int is_device_manager () const
int is_group_manager () const
int is_root_group_manager () const
int is_abstract_group_manager () const
int is_species_manager () const
int is_area_manager () const
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (area_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (abstract_group_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (bracket_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (columnStat_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (consensus_sequence_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (device_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (group_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (line_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (multi_name_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (multi_sequence_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (multi_species_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (name_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (orf_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (pure_text_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (root_group_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (sequence_info_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (sequence_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (sequence_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (spacer_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (species_manager)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (species_name_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (text_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (flag_header_terminal)
 E4B_DECL_CASTOP (flag_terminal)
ED4_species_manager * containing_species_manager () const
bool is_consensus_manager () const
bool is_SAI_manager () const
bool is_species_seq_manager () const
ED4_species_type get_species_type () const
bool inside_consensus_manager () const
bool inside_SAI_manager () const
bool inside_species_seq_manager () const
bool is_consensus_terminal () const
bool is_SAI_terminal () const
bool is_species_seq_terminal () const
bool is_consensus_sequence_terminal () const

Public Attributes

struct {
   unsigned int   deleted: 1
long curr_timestamp
- Public Attributes inherited from ED4_base
const ED4_objspecspec
ED4_properties dynamic_prop
ED4_index index
ED4_extension extension
ED4_update_info update_info
struct {
   unsigned int   hidden: 1

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ED4_base
static void touch_world_cache ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1284 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ED4_terminal::ED4_terminal ( const ED4_objspec spec_,
GB_CSTR  id,
AW_pos  width,
AW_pos  height,
ED4_manager parent 

Definition at line 696 of file ED4_terminal.cxx.

References curr_timestamp, and tflag.

ED4_terminal::~ED4_terminal ( )

Member Function Documentation

ED4_terminal::DECLARE_DUMP_FOR_BASECLASS ( ED4_terminal  ,
void ED4_terminal::changed_by_database ( )
void ED4_terminal::deleted_from_database ( )
void ED4_terminal::Show ( bool  refresh_all,
bool  is_cleared 
virtual void ED4_terminal::draw ( )
pure virtual
bool ED4_terminal::calc_bounding_box ( )
ED4_returncode ED4_terminal::draw_drag_box ( AW_pos  x,
AW_pos  y,
GB_CSTR  text = NULp,
int  cursor_y = -1 
void ED4_terminal::request_refresh ( int  clear = 1)
void ED4_terminal::resize_requested_children ( )
void ED4_terminal::update_requested_children ( )

Implements ED4_base.

Definition at line 641 of file ED4_terminal.cxx.

void ED4_terminal::delete_requested_children ( )
void ED4_terminal::Delete ( )
ED4_returncode ED4_terminal::event_sent_by_parent ( AW_event event,
AW_window aww 

Implements ED4_base.

Definition at line 378 of file ED4_terminal.cxx.

References ED4_root::add_to_selected(), ED4_root::alignment_type, AW_BUTTON_LEFT, AW_BUTTON_RIGHT, AW_Keyboard_Press, AW_Keyboard_Release, AW_Mouse_Drag, AW_Mouse_Press, AW_Mouse_Release, ED4_root::aw_root, AW_root::awar(), AWAR_SAI_NAME, AWAR_SPECIES_NAME, AW_event::button, ED4_base::containing_species_manager(), current_cursor(), current_ed4w(), ED4_selection_entry::drag_off_x, ED4_selection_entry::drag_off_y, ED4_selection_entry::drag_old_x, ED4_selection_entry::drag_old_y, e4_assert, ED4_correctBlocktypeAfterSelection(), ED4_M_FREE, ED4_no_dangerous_modes(), ED4_R_BREAK, ED4_R_OK, ED4_ROOT, ED4_setColumnblockCorner(), ED4_SM_INFO, ED4_SM_KILL, ED4_SM_MARK, ED4_SM_MOVE, ED4_trigger_instant_refresh(), ED4_move_info::end_x, ED4_move_info::end_y, GB_AT_DNA, GB_read_flag(), GB_write_flag(), GBT_get_name(), ED4_root::get_device_manager(), ED4_base::get_parent(), AW_window::get_root(), group, ED4_base::has_property(), ED4_base::is_area_manager(), ED4_base::is_bracket_terminal(), ED4_base::is_flag_terminal(), ED4_base::is_sequence_terminal(), ED4_base::is_species_name_terminal(), kill_object(), LEV_GROUP, LEV_MULTI_SPECIES, LEV_NONE, LEV_SPECIES, ED4_container::member(), ED4_container::members(), ED4_move_info::mode, NULp, ED4_move_info::object, ED4_selection_entry::old_event_y, ED4_move_info::preferred_parent, PROP_CURSOR_ALLOWED, PV_RefreshWindow(), ED4_root::remove_from_selected(), request_refresh(), ED4_cursor::show_clicked_cursor(), ED4_root::species_mode, ED4_multi_species_manager::toggle_selected_species(), AW_event::type, ED4_foldable::world_to_win_coords(), AW_awar::write_string(), AW_event::x, and AW_event::y.

ED4_returncode ED4_terminal::kill_object ( )
ED4_base * ED4_terminal::search_ID ( const char id)

Implements ED4_base.

Definition at line 679 of file ED4_terminal.cxx.

References NULp.

char * ED4_terminal::resolve_pointer_to_string_copy ( int str_len = NULp) const
const char * ED4_terminal::resolve_pointer_to_char_pntr ( int str_len = NULp) const
void ED4_terminal::remove_callbacks ( )
GB_ERROR ED4_terminal::write_sequence ( const char seq,
int  seq_len 
void ED4_terminal::scroll_into_view ( ED4_window ed4w)
bool ED4_terminal::setCursorTo ( ED4_cursor cursor,
int  seq_pos,
bool  unfoldGroups,
ED4_CursorJumpType  jump_type 
bool ED4_terminal::is_hidden ( ) const

Implements ED4_base.

Definition at line 1332 of file ed4_class.hxx.

References ED4_manager::is_hidden(), and ED4_base::parent.

Referenced by ED4_cursor::jump_screen_pos(), and ED4_cursor::move_cursor().

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int ED4_terminal::deleted

Definition at line 1289 of file ed4_class.hxx.

struct { ... } ED4_terminal::tflag
long ED4_terminal::curr_timestamp

Definition at line 1291 of file ed4_class.hxx.

Referenced by changed_by_database(), ED4_terminal(), and write_sequence().

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