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2009-05-05 17:08
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2015-08-06 08:48
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westram 2015-08-06 08:48 Rev.: 14133

- remove unused dirs

0 lines of code changed in 73 files:

  • lib/pixmaps/unused: Close.xpm (del), arb_edit.bitmap (del), arb_edit.xpm (del), arrow.bitmap (del), arrow.xpm (del), compress.bitmap (del), compress.xpm (del), cppast.bitmap (del), cppast.xpm (del), dendro.bitmap (del), dendro.xpm (del), dendroIrs.bitmap (del), dendroIrs.xpm (del), disk.bitmap (del), disk.xpm (del), edit.bitmap (del), edit.xpm (del), exit.xpm (del), gen_map.bitmap (del), gen_map.xpm (del), jm1.bitmap (del), jm1.xpm (del), jm2.bitmap (del), jm2.xpm (del), jm3.bitmap (del), jm3.xpm (del), jm4.bitmap (del), jm4.xpm (del), jm5.bitmap (del), jm5.xpm (del), jm6.bitmap (del), jm6.xpm (del), kill.bitmap (del), kill.xpm (del), less.xpm (del), ljump.bitmap (del), ljump.xpm (del), logo.bitmap (del), logo.xpm (del), lzoom_sec.bitmap (del), lzoom_sec.xpm (del), matches.bitmap (del), matches.xpm (del), minus.bitmap (del), minus.xpm (del), mol.xpm (del), more.xpm (del), move2.bitmap (del), move2.xpm (del), moveleft.bitmap (del), moveleft.xpm (del), ndstree.bitmap (del), ndstree.xpm (del), not.bitmap (del), not.xpm (del), pdown.bitmap (del), pdown.xpm (del), plus.bitmap (del), plus.xpm (del), pup.bitmap (del), pup.xpm (del), quitText.xpm (del), redo.xpm (del), refreshText.xpm (del), search.bitmap (del), search.xpm (del), separator.xpm (del), stop.xpm (del), tselect.bitmap (del), tselect.xpm (del), undo.xpm (del), www.bitmap (del), www.xpm (del)
westram 2013-03-30 11:17 Rev.: 9777

reintegrated branch 'xpmfix'

881 lines of code changed in 31 files:

  • lib/pixmaps/unused: arb_edit.xpm (new 58), arrow.xpm (new 8), compress.xpm (new 34), cppast.xpm (new 34), dendro.xpm (new 34), dendroIrs.xpm (new 34), disk.xpm (new 34), edit.xpm (new 19), gen_map.xpm (new 28), jm1.xpm (new 30), jm2.xpm (new 34), jm3.xpm (new 30), jm4.xpm (new 30), jm5.xpm (new 30), jm6.xpm (new 30), kill.xpm (new 8), ljump.xpm (new 19), logo.xpm (new 87), lzoom_sec.xpm (new 34), matches.xpm (new 23), minus.xpm (new 19), move2.xpm (new 26), moveleft.xpm (new 30), ndstree.xpm (new 19), not.xpm (new 23), pdown.xpm (new 26), plus.xpm (new 19), pup.xpm (new 26), search.xpm (+17 -48), tselect.xpm (new 19), www.xpm (new 19)
westram 2009-05-05 17:08 Rev.: 5886

* added resource tester (make ressource_check)
* Each ARB application has one default icon now
- if icon is missing, no fallback exists - instead the application raises an error
- all windows created under one AW_root use the same icon
- it's still possible to define special icons for special windows (but it's not used atm)
* class AW_window
- create_toggle now expects that names of toggle-graphics start with '#' (previously it accepted with and without '#')
- moved code from set_icon to aw_create_shell
- added code setting small titlebar/taskbar-icon. Works in GNOME (please report whether it works in KDE as well)
- .xpm possible for icons
* class AW_root
- renamed init() to init_root() to make function name unique for resource testing. Removed default-value for 2nd parameter
- init_root() stores 'programmname' in class member (used as name for default icon)
* fixed/removed calls to changed/removed functions
* moved all unused resources into 'unused' subfolders

1112 lines of code changed in 43 files:

  • lib/pixmaps/unused: Close.xpm (new 24), arb_edit.bitmap (new 37), arrow.bitmap (new), compress.bitmap (new), cppast.bitmap (new), dendro.bitmap (new 11), dendroIrs.bitmap (new), disk.bitmap (new), edit.bitmap (new), exit.xpm (new), gen_map.bitmap (new), jm1.bitmap (new 10), jm2.bitmap (new), jm3.bitmap (new 10), jm4.bitmap (new 10), jm5.bitmap (new), jm6.bitmap (new 10), kill.bitmap (new 8), less.xpm (new 25), ljump.bitmap (new 10), logo.bitmap (new 172), lzoom_sec.bitmap (new 11), matches.bitmap (new 9), minus.bitmap (new 7), mol.xpm (new 211), more.xpm (new 25), move2.bitmap (new 8), moveleft.bitmap (new 14), ndstree.bitmap (new 8), not.bitmap (new 9), pdown.bitmap (new 8), plus.bitmap (new), pup.bitmap (new 8), quitText.xpm (new 225), redo.xpm (new 49), refreshText.xpm (new), search.bitmap (new), search.xpm (new 50), separator.xpm (new 61), stop.xpm (new 24), tselect.bitmap (new), undo.xpm (new 49), www.bitmap (new 9)
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