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westram 2018-02-15 12:51 Rev.: 16861

* reintegrates 'unittest' into 'trunk'
- fixed non-deterministic behavior of add-species:
* 2 sequences in test-DB were identical (changed 1 bp)
* {{{AP_tree_edge}}} cannot be used to store insert-positions (uses pair of {{{AP_tree_nlen}}} instead)
* corrected some undefined behavior (results did depend on compiler version+flags):
- general order of inserts was undefined
- order of initial-insert was undefined (used by complete tree reconstruction)
- bugs fixed:
* not all possible insert-positions were tested
* sometimes species were added at wrong positions
* if multiple species were inserted at the same position, the following optimization
- did modify topology
- now optimizes all multi-inserts globally
- at leaf-positions: includes the leaf (Note: this does not modify the original topology)
* insert order now is "longest sequence first" (was "shortest sequence first")
- fixed unwanted behavior when testing for content of generated files
* adds: log:branches/unittest@16807:16860

19 lines of code changed in 6 files:

  • UNIT_TESTER/run/distance: matrix.rna.phylipComp.expected (new), matrix.rna.readable.expected (+7 -7), matrix.rna.tabbed.expected (new)
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