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2013-07-23 13:04
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2013-07-31 11:15
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aboeckma 2013-07-31 11:15 Rev.: 10372

updated mafft version

0 lines of code changed in 89 files:

  • GDE/MAFFT/mafft-7.053-without-extensions/core: DNA.h (del), Falign.c (del), Falign_localhom.c (del), Galign11.c (del), Halignmm.c (del), JTT.c (del), Lalign11.c (del), Lalignmm.c (del), MSalign11.c (del), MSalignmm.c (del), Makefile (del), Qalignmm.c (del), Ralignmm.c (del), SAalignmm.c (del), Salignmm.c (del), addfunctions.c (del), addsingle.c (del), blosum.c (del), blosum.h (del), constants.c (del), contrafoldwrap.c (del), countlen.c (del), defs.c (del), disttbfast.c (del), dndblast.c (del), dndfast4.c (del), dndfast7.c (del), dndpre.c (del), dndpre2.c (del), dndpre_score.c (del), dp.h (del), dvtditr.c (del), f2cl.c (del), fft.c (del), fft.h (del), fftFunctions.c (del), functions.h (del), genGalign11.c (del), genalign11.c (del), getlag.c (del), io.c (del), iteration.c (del), mafft-distance.c (del), mafft-homologs.1 (del), mafft-homologs.tmpl (del), mafft-profile.c (del), mafft.1 (del), mafft.bat (del), mafft.tmpl (del), makedirectionlist.c (del), makedirectionlist.c.last (del), makemergetable.rb (del), mccaskillwrap.c (del), mingw64mingw32 (del), miyata.h (del), miyata5.h (del), mltaln.h (del), mltaln9.c (del), mtxutl.c (del), mtxutl.h (del), multi2hat3s.c (del), newick2mafft.rb (del), nj.c (del), pair2hat3s.c (del), pairash.c (del), pairlara.c (del), pairlocalalign.c (del), partQalignmm.c (del), partSalignmm.c (del), regionalrealignment.rb (del), regtable2seq.c (del), replaceu.c (del), restoreu.c (del), rna.c (del), rnatest.c (del), score.c (del), seq2regtable.c (del), setcore.c (del), setdirection.c (del), sextet5.c (del), share.h (del), splittbfast.c (del), suboptalign11.c (del), tbfast.c (del), tddis.c (del), tditeration.c (del), treeOperation.c (del), univscript.tmpl (del), version.c (del)
aboeckma 2013-07-23 13:04 Rev.: 10343

Added mafft

53084 lines of code changed in 89 files:

  • GDE/MAFFT/mafft-7.053-without-extensions/core: DNA.h (new 210), Falign.c (new 2426), Falign_localhom.c (new 871), Galign11.c (new), Halignmm.c (new 1419), JTT.c (new 244), Lalign11.c (new), Lalignmm.c (new), MSalign11.c (new), MSalignmm.c (new), Makefile (new 542), Qalignmm.c (new 2181), Ralignmm.c (new 1213), SAalignmm.c (new 378), Salignmm.c (new 1882), addfunctions.c (new 522), addsingle.c (new 3302), blosum.c (new 266), blosum.h (new 11), constants.c (new 1135), contrafoldwrap.c (new 312), countlen.c (new 61), defs.c (new), disttbfast.c (new 2111), dndblast.c (new), dndfast4.c (new 241), dndfast7.c (new 342), dndpre.c (new 376), dndpre2.c (new 177), dndpre_score.c (new 54), dp.h (new 10), dvtditr.c (new 899), f2cl.c (new 293), fft.c (new 125), fft.h (new 15), fftFunctions.c (new 760), functions.h (new 342), genGalign11.c (new 486), genalign11.c (new 661), getlag.c (new 461), io.c (new 5215), iteration.c (new), mafft-distance.c (new 425), mafft-homologs.1 (new 131), mafft-homologs.tmpl (new 374), mafft-profile.c (new), mafft.1 (new 479), mafft.bat (new), mafft.tmpl (new), makedirectionlist.c (new 853), makedirectionlist.c.last (new), makemergetable.rb (new 33), mccaskillwrap.c (new), mingw64mingw32 (new 16), miyata.h (new 47), miyata5.h (new 166), mltaln.h (new 311), mltaln9.c (new 8999), mtxutl.c (new 562), mtxutl.h (new 50), multi2hat3s.c (new 390), newick2mafft.rb (new 133), nj.c (new 195), pair2hat3s.c (new 468), pairash.c (new), pairlara.c (new 942), pairlocalalign.c (new), partQalignmm.c (new 1262), partSalignmm.c (new 1266), regionalrealignment.rb (new 385), regtable2seq.c (new 212), replaceu.c (new 145), restoreu.c (new 246), rna.c (new 560), rnatest.c (new 460), score.c (new 98), seq2regtable.c (new), setcore.c (new 503), setdirection.c (new 143), sextet5.c (new), share.h (new 16), splittbfast.c (new), suboptalign11.c (new 678), tbfast.c (new 2095), tddis.c (new 891), tditeration.c (new), treeOperation.c (new), univscript.tmpl (new), version.c (new 7)
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