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westram 2021-09-15 13:48 Rev.: 18729

* eliminate trailing whitespace from Makefiles.

37 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • BINDINGS/PERL: Makefile (+37 -37)
epruesse 2012-08-15 14:40 Rev.: 8848

Added Python bindings using SWIG

Build and clean targets are "bindings" and "bindings_clean"; they
are not added to all and clean yet. The "" shows a bit of
the python usage of the interface. You need to have swig installed,
of course.

The bindings are not build from arb_prot.h like the perl bindings.
Rather, ARB.i defines the exported functions. This is to make the
interface smaller and have an avenue of keeping it stable in case
the library interface needs to be changed. It also cuts down on
compile time a lot.

The idea is to eventually build the perl bindings with SWIG as well.
I haven't figured out how to provide the BIO:: module with the
ARB module yet, though, which would be required for backwards
compatability with pre-existing amc scripts.

1028 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • BINDINGS/PERL: ARB.i (new 5), (new 85), Makefile (new 928), Makefile.PL (new 10)
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