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GDE.cxx File Reference
#include "GDE_extglob.h"
#include "GDE_awars.h"
#include <awt_sel_boxes.hxx>
#include <awt_filter.hxx>
#include <aw_msg.hxx>
#include <aw_awar.hxx>
#include <aw_file.hxx>
#include <aw_root.hxx>
#include <aw_awar_defs.hxx>
#include <aw_select.hxx>
#include <arb_str.h>
#include <cmath>
#include <awt_config_manager.hxx>
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struct  gde_iteminfo


#define SLIDERWIDTH   200
#define BUFSIZE   200


static void GDE_showhelp_cb (UNFIXED, GmenuItem *gmenuitem)
static charGDE_makeawarname_in (GmenuItem *gmenuitem, long i, const char *awar_root)
charGDE_makeawarname (GmenuItem *gmenuitem, long i)
charGDE_maketmpawarname (GmenuItem *gmenuitem, long i)
static chargde_filter_weights (GBDATA *gb_sai)
static void refresh_weights_sellist_cb (AW_root *, AW_DB_selection *saisel)
static AW_windowGDE_create_filename_browser_window (AW_root *aw_root, const char *awar_prefix, const char *title)
static void GDE_popup_filename_browser (AW_window *aw, gde_iteminfo *info, const char *title)
bool shall_store_in_config (const GmenuItemArg &itemarg)
bool want_config_manager (GmenuItem *gmenuitem)
static void setup_gde_config_def (AWT_config_definition &cdef, GmenuItem *gmenuitem)
static AW_windowGDE_menuitem_cb (AW_root *aw_root, GmenuItem *gmenuitem)
void GDE_load_menu (AW_window *awm, AW_active, const char *menulabel)
GB_ERROR GDE_init (AW_root *aw_root, AW_default aw_def, GBDATA *gb_main, GDE_get_sequences_cb get_sequences, GDE_format_alignment_cb format_ali, gde_window_type window_type)


adfiltercbstructagde_filter = NULp
Gmenu menu [GDEMAXMENU]
int num_menus = 0
static char GDEBLANK [] = "\0"
struct gde_database_access db_access = { NULp, NULp, GDE_WINDOWTYPE_DEFAULT, NULp}

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Definition at line 30 of file GDE.cxx.

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb().

#define SLIDERWIDTH   200

Definition at line 31 of file GDE.cxx.

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb().


Definition at line 33 of file GDE.cxx.

Referenced by GDE_init(), and GDE_menuitem_cb().


Definition at line 34 of file GDE.cxx.

Referenced by GDE_init(), and GDE_menuitem_cb().

#define BUFSIZE   200

Function Documentation

static void GDE_showhelp_cb ( UNFIXED  ,
GmenuItem gmenuitem 

Definition at line 42 of file GDE.cxx.

References AW_help_popup(), aw_message(), GmenuItem::help, and NULp.

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb().

static char* GDE_makeawarname_in ( GmenuItem gmenuitem,
long  i,
const char awar_root 
char* GDE_makeawarname ( GmenuItem gmenuitem,
long  i 

Definition at line 65 of file GDE.cxx.

References AWAR_PREFIX_GDE, and GDE_makeawarname_in().

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb(), ReplaceArgs(), and setup_gde_config_def().

char* GDE_maketmpawarname ( GmenuItem gmenuitem,
long  i 

Definition at line 66 of file GDE.cxx.

References AWAR_PREFIX_GDE_TEMP, and GDE_makeawarname_in().

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb(), GDE_popup_filename_browser(), and ReplaceArgs().

static char* gde_filter_weights ( GBDATA gb_sai)
static void refresh_weights_sellist_cb ( AW_root ,
AW_DB_selection saisel 

Definition at line 95 of file GDE.cxx.

References AW_selection::refresh().

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb().

static AW_window* GDE_create_filename_browser_window ( AW_root aw_root,
const char awar_prefix,
const char title 

Definition at line 99 of file GDE.cxx.

References AW_create_standard_fileselection(), AW_POPDOWN(), and GBS_string_2_key().

Referenced by GDE_popup_filename_browser().

static void GDE_popup_filename_browser ( AW_window aw,
gde_iteminfo info,
const char title 
bool shall_store_in_config ( const GmenuItemArg itemarg)

Definition at line 135 of file GDE.cxx.

References FILE_SELECTOR, and GmenuItemArg::type.

Referenced by setup_gde_config_def(), and want_config_manager().

bool want_config_manager ( GmenuItem gmenuitem)

Definition at line 138 of file GDE.cxx.

References GmenuItem::arg, GmenuItem::numargs, and shall_store_in_config().

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb().

static void setup_gde_config_def ( AWT_config_definition cdef,
GmenuItem gmenuitem 
static AW_window* GDE_menuitem_cb ( AW_root aw_root,
GmenuItem gmenuitem 

Definition at line 162 of file GDE.cxx.

References GmenuItemArg::active_mask, AW_awar::add_callback(), ARB_strdup(), GmenuItem::arg, AW_create_fileselection_awars(), AW_HORIZONTAL, AW_POPDOWN(), AW_ROOT_DEFAULT, AW_SCALER_LINEAR, AW_VERTICAL, AW_root::awar(), AW_root::awar_float(), AWAR_GDE_ALIGNMENT, AWAR_GDE_COMPRESSION, AWAR_GDE_CUTOFF_STOPCODON, AWAR_GDE_FILTER_NAME, AWAR_GDE_SPECIES, AW_root::awar_int(), AW_root::awar_string(), GmenuItem::aws, awt_create_ALI_selection_list(), awt_create_SAI_selection_list(), awt_create_select_filter(), awt_create_select_filter_win(), awt_create_TREE_selection_list(), AWT_insert_config_manager(), BUFSIZE, GmenuItemArg::choice, CHOICE_MENU, CHOICE_SAI, CHOICE_TREE, CHOICE_WEIGHTS, CHOOSER, COMPRESS_ALL, COMPRESS_NONE, COMPRESS_NONINFO_COLUMNS, COMPRESS_VERTICAL_GAPS, db_access, FILE_SELECTOR, GmenuItemArg::fvalue, gde_database_access::gb_main, GBS_global_string_copy(), gde_assert, gde_filter_weights(), GDE_makeawarname(), GDE_maketmpawarname(), GDE_popup_filename_browser(), GDE_showhelp_cb(), GDE_startaction_cb(), GDE_WINDOWTYPE_DEFAULT, GDE_WINDOWTYPE_EDIT4, GDEBLANK, IF_ASSERTION_USED, GmenuItemArg::ivalue, GargChoice::label, GmenuItemArg::label, GmenuItem::label, Gmenu::label, label, GmenuItemArg::max, GargChoice::method, GmenuItemArg::min, NULp, GmenuItem::numargs, GmenuItemArg::numchoices, GmenuItem::numinputs, GmenuItem::parent_menu, AW_awar::read_string(), refresh_weights_sellist_cb(), GmenuItem::seqtype, AW_awar::set_minmax(), setup_gde_config_def(), SLIDER, SLIDERFIELDWIDTH, SLIDERWIDTH, TEXTFIELD, GmenuItemArg::textvalue, GmenuItemArg::textwidth, GmenuItemArg::type, want_config_manager(), gde_database_access::window_type, and AW_awar::write_string().

Referenced by GDE_load_menu().

void GDE_load_menu ( AW_window awm,
AW_active  ,
const char menulabel 
GB_ERROR GDE_init ( AW_root aw_root,
AW_default  aw_def,
GBDATA gb_main,
GDE_get_sequences_cb  get_sequences,
GDE_format_alignment_cb  format_ali,
gde_window_type  window_type 

Variable Documentation

adfiltercbstruct* agde_filter = NULp

Definition at line 23 of file GDE.cxx.

Definition at line 25 of file GDE.cxx.

Referenced by ParseMenus().

int num_menus = 0

Definition at line 26 of file GDE.cxx.

Referenced by GDE_load_menu(), and ParseMenus().

char GDEBLANK[] = "\0"

Definition at line 28 of file GDE.cxx.

Referenced by GDE_menuitem_cb().