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AW_root.cxx File Reference
#include "aw_root.hxx"
#include "aw_awar.hxx"
#include "aw_nawar.hxx"
#include "aw_msg.hxx"
#include "aw_window.hxx"
#include "aw_window_Xm.hxx"
#include "aw_status.hxx"
#include "aw_xkey.hxx"
#include <arb_handlers.h>
#include <arbdbt.h>
#include <list>
#include <X11/cursorfont.h>
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struct  fallbacks
class  AW_timer_cb_struct
 begin timer stuff More...


typedef std::list< GBDATA * > DataPointers


void AW_clock_cursor (AW_root *awr)
void AW_normal_cursor (AW_root *awr)
void AW_help_entry_pressed (AW_window *aww)
static const charignore_arb_prop (const char *varname)
static void destroy_AW_root ()
static void set_focus_policy (const char *, long cl_aww, void *)
static void aw_message_and_dump_stderr (const char *msg)
static void dump_stdout (const char *msg)
static void free_action (long action)
static void AW_timer_callback (XtPointer aw_timer_cb_struct, XtIntervalId *)
static void AW_timer_callback_never_disabled (XtPointer aw_timer_cb_struct, XtIntervalId *)
static void awar_set_temp_if_is_default (const char *, long val, void *cl_gb_db)
static void unlink_awar_from_DB (const char *, long cl_awar, void *cl_gb_main)
static GB_ERROR set_parents_with_only_temp_childs_temp (GBDATA *gbd, DataPointers &made_temp)
static GB_ERROR clear_temp_flags (DataPointers &made_temp)


static gb_getenv_hook orig_hook = NULp
static struct fallbacks aw_fb []
static arb_status_implementation AW_status_impl
static arb_handlers aw_handlers
static const charaw_awar_2_color []

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<GBDATA*> DataPointers

Definition at line 642 of file AW_root.cxx.

Function Documentation

void AW_clock_cursor ( AW_root awr)
void AW_normal_cursor ( AW_root awr)

Definition at line 33 of file AW_root.cxx.

References NULp, AW_root::prvt, and AW_root_Motif::set_cursor().

void AW_help_entry_pressed ( AW_window aww)
static const char* ignore_arb_prop ( const char varname)
static void destroy_AW_root ( )

Definition at line 152 of file AW_root.cxx.

References NULp, and AW_root::SINGLETON.

Referenced by AW_root::AW_root().

static void set_focus_policy ( const char ,
long  cl_aww,
void *   

Definition at line 251 of file AW_root.cxx.

References AW_root::focus_follows_mouse, and AW_window::get_root().

Referenced by AW_root::apply_focus_policy().

static void aw_message_and_dump_stderr ( const char msg)

Definition at line 299 of file AW_root.cxx.

References aw_message(), and fflush().

static void dump_stdout ( const char msg)

Definition at line 305 of file AW_root.cxx.

static void free_action ( long  action)

Definition at line 326 of file AW_root.cxx.

References cb.

static void AW_timer_callback ( XtPointer  aw_timer_cb_struct,
XtIntervalId *   
static void AW_timer_callback_never_disabled ( XtPointer  aw_timer_cb_struct,
XtIntervalId *   
static void awar_set_temp_if_is_default ( const char ,
long  val,
void *  cl_gb_db 
static void unlink_awar_from_DB ( const char ,
long  cl_awar,
void *  cl_gb_main 

Definition at line 629 of file AW_root.cxx.

References gb_main, and AW_awar::unlink_from_DB().

Referenced by AW_root::unlink_awars_from_DB().

static GB_ERROR set_parents_with_only_temp_childs_temp ( GBDATA gbd,
DataPointers made_temp 
static GB_ERROR clear_temp_flags ( DataPointers made_temp)

Definition at line 667 of file AW_root.cxx.

References error(), GB_clear_temporary(), and NULp.

Referenced by AW_root::save_properties().

Variable Documentation

gb_getenv_hook orig_hook = NULp

Definition at line 65 of file AW_root.cxx.

Referenced by ignore_arb_prop().

struct fallbacks aw_fb[]
Initial value:
= {
{ "FontList", "window/font", "8x13bold" },
{ "background", "window/background", "grey" },
{ "foreground", "window/foreground", "Black", },
{ NULp, "window/color_1", "red", },
{ NULp, "window/color_2", "green", },
{ NULp, "window/color_3", "blue", },
{ NULp, NULp, NULp }
#define NULp
Definition: cxxforward.h:116

Definition at line 277 of file AW_root.cxx.

arb_status_implementation AW_status_impl
Initial value:
= {
void aw_openstatus(const char *title)
Definition: AW_status.cxx:1084
void aw_status_title(const char *new_title)
Definition: AW_status.cxx:1097
void aw_closestatus()
Definition: AW_status.cxx:1093
void aw_status_subtitle(const char *text)
Definition: AW_status.cxx:1100
bool aw_status_aborted()
Definition: AW_status.cxx:1118
void aw_status_gauge(double gauge)
Definition: AW_status.cxx:1104

Definition at line 309 of file AW_root.cxx.

arb_handlers aw_handlers
Initial value:
= {
static void dump_stdout(const char *msg)
Definition: AW_root.cxx:305
static arb_status_implementation AW_status_impl
Definition: AW_root.cxx:309
static void aw_message_and_dump_stderr(const char *msg)
Definition: AW_root.cxx:299
void aw_message(const char *msg)
Definition: AW_status.cxx:1142

Definition at line 319 of file AW_root.cxx.

const char* aw_awar_2_color[]
Initial value:
= {
#define NULp
Definition: cxxforward.h:116

A list of awar names that contain color names

Definition at line 440 of file AW_root.cxx.