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GLwDrawA.c File Reference
#include <X11/IntrinsicP.h>
#include <X11/StringDefs.h>
#include "GLwDrawAP.h"
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <Xm/PrimitiveP.h>
#include "GLwMDrawAP.h"
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#define USE(x)   (x)=(x)
#define ATTRIBLIST_SIZE   32
#define offset(field)   XtOffset(GLwDrawingAreaWidget, glwDrawingArea.field)


static void createColormap (GLwDrawingAreaWidget w, int offset, XrmValue *value)
static void Initialize (GLwDrawingAreaWidget req, GLwDrawingAreaWidget neww, ArgList args, Cardinal *num_args)
static void Realize (Widget w, Mask *valueMask, XSetWindowAttributes *attributes)
static void Redraw (GLwDrawingAreaWidget w, XEvent *event, Region region)
static void Resize (GLwDrawingAreaWidget glw)
static void Destroy (GLwDrawingAreaWidget glw)
static void glwInput (GLwDrawingAreaWidget glw, XEvent *event, String *params, Cardinal *numParams)
static void error (Widget w, const char *string)
static void warning (Widget w, const char *string)
static void createAttribList (GLwDrawingAreaWidget w)
static void createVisualInfo (GLwDrawingAreaWidget w)
void GLwDrawingAreaMakeCurrent (Widget w, GLXContext ctx)
void GLwDrawingAreaSwapBuffers (Widget w)


static char defaultTranslations []
static XtActionsRec actions []
static XtResource resources []
static XtResource initializeResources []
static XtResource backgroundResources []
GLwDrawingAreaClassRec glwDrawingAreaClassRec
WidgetClass glwDrawingAreaWidgetClass =(WidgetClass)&glwDrawingAreaClassRec

Macro Definition Documentation

#define USE (   x)    (x)=(x)

Definition at line 48 of file GLwDrawA.c.

Referenced by createColormap(), glwInput(), and Redraw().

#define ATTRIBLIST_SIZE   32

Definition at line 71 of file GLwDrawA.c.

Referenced by createAttribList().

#define offset (   field)    XtOffset(GLwDrawingAreaWidget, glwDrawingArea.field)

Function Documentation

static void createColormap ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  w,
int  offset,
XrmValue *  value 
static void Initialize ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  req,
GLwDrawingAreaWidget  neww,
ArgList  args,
Cardinal *  num_args 
static void Realize ( Widget  w,
Mask *  valueMask,
XSetWindowAttributes *  attributes 
static void Redraw ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  w,
XEvent *  event,
Region  region 
static void Resize ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  glw)
static void Destroy ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  glw)
static void glwInput ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  glw,
XEvent *  event,
String *  params,
Cardinal *  numParams 
static void error ( Widget  w,
const char string 

Definition at line 292 of file GLwDrawA.c.

Referenced by createAttribList(), and createVisualInfo().

static void warning ( Widget  w,
const char string 

Definition at line 303 of file GLwDrawA.c.

Referenced by Realize().

static void createAttribList ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  w)
static void createVisualInfo ( GLwDrawingAreaWidget  w)
void GLwDrawingAreaMakeCurrent ( Widget  w,
GLXContext  ctx 

Definition at line 607 of file GLwDrawA.c.

Referenced by InitializeOpenGLWindow().

void GLwDrawingAreaSwapBuffers ( Widget  w)

Definition at line 622 of file GLwDrawA.c.

Variable Documentation

char defaultTranslations[]
Initial value:
"<KeyDown>: glwInput() \n"
"<KeyUp>: glwInput() \n"
"<BtnDown>: glwInput() \n"
"<BtnUp>: glwInput() \n"
"<BtnMotion>: glwInput() "

Definition at line 87 of file GLwDrawA.c.

XtActionsRec actions[]
Initial value:
= {
{ (String)"glwInput", (XtActionProc)glwInput },
static void glwInput(GLwDrawingAreaWidget glw, XEvent *event, String *params, Cardinal *numParams)
Definition: GLwDrawA.c:596
const char * String
Definition: gb_aci_impl.h:59

Definition at line 98 of file GLwDrawA.c.

XtResource resources[]

Definition at line 119 of file GLwDrawA.c.

XtResource initializeResources[]
Initial value:
= {
{ XtNcolormap, XtCColormap, XtRColormap, sizeof(Colormap),
XtOffset(GLwDrawingAreaWidget, core.colormap),
XtRCallProc, (XtPointer) createColormap },
static void createColormap(GLwDrawingAreaWidget w, int offset, XrmValue *value)
Definition: GLwDrawA.c:372

Definition at line 176 of file GLwDrawA.c.

XtResource backgroundResources[]
Initial value:
= {
{ XtNbackground, XtCBackground, XtRPixel, sizeof(Pixel),
XtOffset(GLwDrawingAreaWidget, core.background_pixel),
XtRString, (XtPointer)"lightgrey" },
{ XtNbackgroundPixmap, XtCPixmap, XtRPixmap, sizeof(Pixmap),
XtOffset(GLwDrawingAreaWidget, core.background_pixmap),
XtRImmediate, (XtPointer)XtUnspecifiedPixmap },

Definition at line 187 of file GLwDrawA.c.

GLwDrawingAreaClassRec glwDrawingAreaClassRec

Definition at line 234 of file GLwDrawA.c.

WidgetClass glwDrawingAreaWidgetClass =(WidgetClass)&glwDrawingAreaClassRec

Definition at line 288 of file GLwDrawA.c.