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arb_test::match_expectation Class Reference

#include <test_unit.h>

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Public Member Functions

 match_expectation (const matchable &thing_, const matcher &condition_)
 match_expectation (const match_expectation &other)
 MAKE_CLONABLE (match_expectation)
 ~match_expectation () OVERRIDE
bool fulfilled () const OVERRIDE
bool unfulfilled () const
void explain (int indent) const OVERRIDE
void dump_brief_description () const OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from arb_test::expectation
virtual ~expectation ()
 something expected. can be fulfilled or not (and can explain why/not) More...
 HASTOBE_CLONABLE (expectation)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 554 of file test_unit.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

arb_test::match_expectation::match_expectation ( const matchable thing_,
const matcher condition_ 

Definition at line 558 of file test_unit.h.

arb_test::match_expectation::match_expectation ( const match_expectation other)

Definition at line 562 of file test_unit.h.

arb_test::match_expectation::~match_expectation ( )

Definition at line 568 of file test_unit.h.

Member Function Documentation

arb_test::match_expectation::DECLARE_ASSIGNMENT_OPERATOR ( match_expectation  )
arb_test::match_expectation::MAKE_CLONABLE ( match_expectation  )
bool arb_test::match_expectation::fulfilled ( ) const

Implements arb_test::expectation.

Definition at line 573 of file test_unit.h.

References arb_test::matcher::matches().

Referenced by unfulfilled().

bool arb_test::match_expectation::unfulfilled ( ) const

Definition at line 574 of file test_unit.h.

References fulfilled().

void arb_test::match_expectation::explain ( int  indent) const

Implements arb_test::expectation.

Definition at line 575 of file test_unit.h.

References arb_test::matcher::dump_expectation().

void arb_test::match_expectation::dump_brief_description ( ) const

Implements arb_test::expectation.

Definition at line 576 of file test_unit.h.

References arb_test::matcher::dump_brief_description().

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