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arb_strarray.h File Reference
#include <arbtools.h>
#include "arb_string.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <cstdlib>
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class  CharPtrArray
 xml element More...
class  ConstStrArray


typedef int(* CharPtrArray_compare_fun )(const void *p0, const void *p1, void *client_data)


void GBT_splitNdestroy_string (ConstStrArray &names, char *&namelist, const char *separator, bool dropEmptyTokens)
void GBT_splitNdestroy_string (ConstStrArray &dest, char *&namelist, char separator)
void GBT_split_string (ConstStrArray &dest, const char *namelist, const char *separator, bool dropEmptyTokens)
void GBT_split_string (ConstStrArray &dest, const char *namelist, char separator)
charGBT_join_strings (const CharPtrArray &strings, char separator)

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(* CharPtrArray_compare_fun)(const void *p0, const void *p1, void *client_data)

Definition at line 29 of file arb_strarray.h.

Function Documentation

void GBT_splitNdestroy_string ( ConstStrArray names,
char *&  namelist,
const char separator,
bool  dropEmptyTokens 

Split 'namelist' into an array of substrings at each member of 'separator'.

namespointers to split parts (into namelist)
nameliststring containing separator delimited parts
separatorcontains all characters handled as separators
dropEmptyTokensif true, empty tokens will be skipped


1 ConstStrArray array;
2 char *list = ARB_strdup("Peter;Paul;Mary");
3 GBT_splitNdestroy_string(array, list, ";", false);
4 // array[1] contains "Paul"

ownership of namelist is transferred to 'names'

Definition at line 47 of file arb_strarray.cxx.

References NULp, ConstStrArray::put(), s, and ConstStrArray::set_memblock().

Referenced by AW_init_color_group_defaults(), clear_comment_cb(), create_probe_design_variables(), fill_boolrules_array_from_AWAR(), fill_with_source_sais(), GBT_load_colorset(), GBT_split_string(), GBT_splitNdestroy_string(), get_selected_configs_from_awar(), parseCSV(), PT_start_design(), read_references(), refresh_inputfield_selbox_cb(), split_ali_cb(), and string2WordSet().

void GBT_splitNdestroy_string ( ConstStrArray dest,
char *&  namelist,
char  separator 

Definition at line 90 of file arb_strarray.cxx.

References GBT_splitNdestroy_string().

void GBT_split_string ( ConstStrArray dest,
const char namelist,
const char separator,
bool  dropEmptyTokens 
void GBT_split_string ( ConstStrArray dest,
const char namelist,
char  separator 

Definition at line 237 of file arb_strarray.h.

References ARB_strdup(), and GBT_splitNdestroy_string().

char* GBT_join_strings ( const CharPtrArray strings,
char  separator 

Joins a NULp-terminated array of 'char*' into one string

stringsarray of strings to join (maybe generated using GBT_split_string() or GBT_splitNdestroy_string)
separatoris put between the concatenated strings (pass 0 to join w/o separator)
heap-copy of joined strings

Definition at line 96 of file arb_strarray.cxx.

References arb_assert, ARB_strdup(), GBS_strstruct::cat(), implicated, GBS_strstruct::put(), and GBS_strstruct::release().

Referenced by cbtype2readable(), clear_comment_cb(), concatenateAlignments(), correct_managed_configsets_cb(), create_list_of_loaded_species(), remove_from_configs(), sai_seletion_changed_cb(), update_rulesAwar(), updateChangedInputFields(), test_runtool::valgrinded_pipe_command(), write_configs_to_awar(), and write_references().