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adhashtools.cxx File Reference
#include "gb_local.h"
#include "arbdbt.h"
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typedef GBDATA *(* item_iterator )(GBDATA *)


static void GBT_add_item_to_hash (GBDATA *gb_item, GB_HASH *item_hash)
static GB_HASHcreate_item_hash (long size, GBDATA *gb_start, item_iterator getFirst, item_iterator getNext)
GB_HASHGBT_create_species_hash_sized (GBDATA *gb_main, long species_count)
GB_HASHGBT_create_species_hash (GBDATA *gb_main)
GB_HASHGBT_create_marked_species_hash (GBDATA *gb_main)
GB_HASHGBT_create_SAI_hash (GBDATA *gb_main)
GB_HASHGBT_create_organism_hash (GBDATA *gb_main)

Typedef Documentation

typedef GBDATA*(* item_iterator)(GBDATA *)

Definition at line 19 of file adhashtools.cxx.

Function Documentation

static void GBT_add_item_to_hash ( GBDATA gb_item,
GB_HASH item_hash 

Definition at line 14 of file adhashtools.cxx.

References GBS_write_hash(), and GBT_get_name().

Referenced by create_item_hash().

static GB_HASH* create_item_hash ( long  size,
GBDATA gb_start,
item_iterator  getFirst,
item_iterator  getNext 
GB_HASH* GBT_create_species_hash_sized ( GBDATA gb_main,
long  species_count 
GB_HASH* GBT_create_species_hash ( GBDATA gb_main)
GB_HASH* GBT_create_marked_species_hash ( GBDATA gb_main)
GB_HASH* GBT_create_SAI_hash ( GBDATA gb_main)

Definition at line 44 of file adhashtools.cxx.

References create_item_hash(), GBT_first_SAI(), GBT_get_SAI_count(), and GBT_next_SAI().

Referenced by find_SAI_candidates().

GB_HASH* GBT_create_organism_hash ( GBDATA gb_main)