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AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx File Reference
#include "AP_pro_a_nucs.hxx"
#include <AP_codon_table.hxx>
#include <arbdbt.h>
#include <ad_cb.h>
#include <arb_str.h>
#include <algorithm>
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#define pn_assert(cond)   arb_assert(cond)
#define T2I_ENTRIES_MAX   196


charAP_create_dna_to_ap_bases ()
static int codon_defined_in (const char *codon, const char *codons)
static int nuc_dist (const AWT_translator *translator, unsigned char p1, unsigned char p2)
static void user_code_nr_changed_cb (GBDATA *gb_awar)
AWT_translatorAWT_get_translator (int code_nr)
int AWT_default_protein_type (GBDATA *gb_main)
AWT_translatorAWT_get_user_translator (GBDATA *gb_main)


static int current_user_code_nr = -1

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#define pn_assert (   cond)    arb_assert(cond)
#define T2I_ENTRIES_MAX   196

Definition at line 156 of file AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx.

Referenced by AWT_translator::AWT_translator().


Definition at line 380 of file AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx.

Referenced by AWT_get_translator().

Function Documentation

char* AP_create_dna_to_ap_bases ( )

Definition at line 21 of file AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx.

References AP_A, AP_C, AP_DOT, AP_G, AP_GAP, AP_T, pn_assert, and safeCharIndex().

Referenced by AWT_translator::AWT_translator(), and AP_pos_var::retrieve().

static int codon_defined_in ( const char codon,
const char codons 

Definition at line 143 of file AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx.

Referenced by AWT_translator::AWT_translator().

static int nuc_dist ( const AWT_translator translator,
unsigned char  p1,
unsigned char  p2 
static void user_code_nr_changed_cb ( GBDATA gb_awar)

Definition at line 373 of file AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx.

References GB_get_root(), gb_main, GB_read_int(), and ta.

Referenced by AWT_default_protein_type().

AWT_translator* AWT_get_translator ( int  code_nr)
int AWT_default_protein_type ( GBDATA gb_main)
AWT_translator* AWT_get_user_translator ( GBDATA gb_main)

Definition at line 433 of file AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx.

References AWT_default_protein_type(), and AWT_get_translator().

Referenced by AP_pos_var::retrieve().

Variable Documentation

int current_user_code_nr = -1

Definition at line 371 of file AP_pro_a_nucs.cxx.

Referenced by AWT_default_protein_type().