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ED4_text_terminals.cxx File Reference
#include <ed4_extern.hxx>
#include "ed4_class.hxx"
#include "ed4_awars.hxx"
#include "ed4_edit_string.hxx"
#include "ed4_block.hxx"
#include "ed4_nds.hxx"
#include "ed4_visualizeSAI.hxx"
#include "ed4_ProteinViewer.hxx"
#include "ed4_protein_2nd_structure.hxx"
#include "ed4_seq_colors.hxx"
#include <aw_preset.hxx>
#include <aw_awar.hxx>
#include <AW_helix.hxx>
#include <aw_msg.hxx>
#include <aw_root.hxx>
#include <st_window.hxx>
#include <arbdbt.h>
#include <iostream>
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struct  ShowHelix_cd


#define MIN_MARK_BOX_SIZE   8


void ensure_buffer (char *&buffer, size_t &buffer_size, size_t needed)
static bool ED4_show_helix_on_device (AW_device *device, int gc, const char *helixBuffer, size_t helixStart, size_t helixLen, const AW::Position &pos, AW_CL cduser)
static bool ED4_show_protein_match_on_device (AW_device *device, int gc, const char *pfoldBuffer, size_t pfoldStart, size_t pfoldLen, const AW::Position &pos, AW_CL cl_protstruct)

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#define MIN_MARK_BOX_SIZE   8

Referenced by ED4_text_terminal::draw().

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void ensure_buffer ( char *&  buffer,
size_t buffer_size,
size_t  needed 

Definition at line 35 of file ED4_text_terminals.cxx.

References buffer.

static bool ED4_show_helix_on_device ( AW_device device,
int  gc,
const char helixBuffer,
size_t  helixStart,
size_t  helixLen,
const AW::Position pos,
AW_CL  cduser 
static bool ED4_show_protein_match_on_device ( AW_device device,
int  gc,
const char pfoldBuffer,
size_t  pfoldStart,
size_t  pfoldLen,
const AW::Position pos,
AW_CL  cl_protstruct 

Calls ED4_pfold_calculate_secstruct_match() for the visible area in the editor to compute the protein secondary structure match and outputs the result to the device.

[in]pfoldBufferThe protein structure (primary or secondary) that should be compared to cl_protstruct
[in]cl_protstructThe reference protein secondary structure SAI

Definition at line 141 of file ED4_text_terminals.cxx.

References aw_message(), ED4_root::aw_root, AW_root::awar(), buffer, ED4_pfold_calculate_secstruct_match(), ED4_ROOT, error(), GB_export_error(), GB_give_buffer(), NULp, PFOLD_AWAR_MATCH_METHOD, AW_awar::read_int(), ED4_root_group_manager::remap(), ED4_root::root_group_man, ED4_remap::screen_to_sequence(), and AW_device::text().