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Clusterer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Clusterer (GBDATA *gb_main, SmartPtr< QueriedGroups > groups_, SmartPtr< DupCriteria > criteria_)
int max_cluster_start_index () const
void buildInferableClusterStartingWith (int start_idx, GroupCluster &cluster)
void findBestClusterBasedOnWords (int wanted_words, GroupCluster &best, arb_progress &progress_cluster, int &first_cluster_found_from_index)
bool already_delivered (int idx) const
void deliverCluster (const GroupCluster &ofCluster, QueriedGroups &toResult)
void find_and_deliverTo (QueriedGroups &toResult)
void deliverRest (QueriedGroups &toResult)
int calc_max_used_words (bool ignore_delivered)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1222 of file group_search.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Clusterer::Clusterer ( GBDATA gb_main,
SmartPtr< QueriedGroups groups_,
SmartPtr< DupCriteria criteria_ 

Definition at line 1318 of file group_search.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

int Clusterer::max_cluster_start_index ( ) const

Definition at line 1328 of file group_search.cxx.

References DupCriteria::min_cluster_size(), and QueriedGroups::size().

Referenced by find_and_deliverTo().

void Clusterer::buildInferableClusterStartingWith ( int  start_idx,
GroupCluster cluster 
void Clusterer::findBestClusterBasedOnWords ( int  wanted_words,
GroupCluster best,
arb_progress progress_cluster,
int first_cluster_found_from_index 
bool Clusterer::already_delivered ( int  idx) const
void Clusterer::deliverCluster ( const GroupCluster ofCluster,
QueriedGroups toResult 
void Clusterer::find_and_deliverTo ( QueriedGroups toResult)
void Clusterer::deliverRest ( QueriedGroups toResult)
int Clusterer::calc_max_used_words ( bool  ignore_delivered)

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