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POS_TREE1 Struct Reference

#include <probe_tree.h>

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Public Types

typedef PT1_TYPE TYPE

Public Member Functions

const charudata () const
charudata ()
POS_TREE1get_father () const
void set_father (POS_TREE1 *new_father)
void clear_fathers ()
void set_type (TYPE type)
TYPE get_type () const
bool is_node () const
bool is_leaf () const
bool is_chain () const
bool is_saved () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void init_static ()

Public Attributes

uchar flags

Static Public Attributes

static TYPE flag_2_type [256]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 199 of file probe_tree.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 203 of file probe_tree.h.

Member Function Documentation

void POS_TREE1::init_static ( )

Definition at line 74 of file PT_prefixtree.cxx.

References flag_2_type, PT1_CHAIN, PT1_LEAF, PT1_NODE, PT1_SAVED, and PT1_UNDEF.

Referenced by pt_global::init().

const char* POS_TREE1::udata ( ) const
char* POS_TREE1::udata ( )

Definition at line 209 of file probe_tree.h.

POS_TREE1* POS_TREE1::get_father ( ) const
void POS_TREE1::set_father ( POS_TREE1 new_father)

Definition at line 215 of file probe_tree.h.

References is_node(), and pt_assert.

Referenced by clear_fathers(), PT_change_leaf_to_node(), PT_create_leaf(), and PT_leaf_to_chain().

void POS_TREE1::clear_fathers ( )

Definition at line 409 of file PT_prefixtree.cxx.

References clear_fathers(), is_node(), is_saved(), NULp, PT_BASES, PT_QU, PT_read_son(), and set_father().

Referenced by clear_fathers(), and write_subtree().

void POS_TREE1::set_type ( TYPE  type)

Definition at line 221 of file probe_tree.h.

References FLAG_FREE_BITS, PT1_SAVED, PT1_UNDEF, and pt_assert.

Referenced by PT_change_leaf_to_node(), PT_create_leaf(), and PT_leaf_to_chain().

TYPE POS_TREE1::get_type ( ) const
bool POS_TREE1::is_node ( ) const

Definition at line 228 of file probe_tree.h.

References get_type(), and PT1_NODE.

Referenced by all_sons_saved(), build_pos_tree(), clear_fathers(), and set_father().

bool POS_TREE1::is_leaf ( ) const

Definition at line 229 of file probe_tree.h.

References get_type(), and PT1_LEAF.

Referenced by build_pos_tree(), PT_change_leaf_to_node(), and PT_leaf_to_chain().

bool POS_TREE1::is_chain ( ) const

Definition at line 230 of file probe_tree.h.

References get_type(), and PT1_CHAIN.

Referenced by build_pos_tree(), and ChainIteratorStage1::ChainIteratorStage1().

bool POS_TREE1::is_saved ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

uchar POS_TREE1::flags
POS_TREE1* POS_TREE1::father
PT1_TYPE POS_TREE1::flag_2_type

Definition at line 205 of file probe_tree.h.

Referenced by init_static().

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