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ScopedTransporter Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ScopedTransporter ()
virtual GB_ERROR transferOne (GBDATA *gb_src_item, GBDATA *gb_dst_item, GBDATA *gb_dst_item_container)=0
GB_ERROR transferAllIn (SpeciesXferScope scope, const char *progressTitle)

Static Public Member Functions

static void set_query_to_update (QUERY::DbQuery *query)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void markTarget (GBDATA *gb_dst_item)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 915 of file MG_species.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ScopedTransporter::~ScopedTransporter ( )

Definition at line 974 of file MG_species.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

static void ScopedTransporter::markTarget ( GBDATA gb_dst_item)
static void ScopedTransporter::set_query_to_update ( QUERY::DbQuery query)

Definition at line 976 of file MG_species.cxx.

Referenced by MG_create_merge_species_window().

virtual GB_ERROR ScopedTransporter::transferOne ( GBDATA gb_src_item,
GBDATA gb_dst_item,
GBDATA gb_dst_item_container 
pure virtual

Implemented in ViaFtsTransporter.

Referenced by transferAllIn().

GB_ERROR ScopedTransporter::transferAllIn ( SpeciesXferScope  scope,
const char progressTitle 

transfer one species (used when transferring selected/listed species)

gb_src_itemsource of transfer
gb_dst_itemtarget of transfer (if not NULp)
gb_dst_item_containertransfer target will be created inside this container (if gb_dst_item == NULp)

Definition at line 985 of file MG_species.cxx.

References AWAR_SPECIES_DST, AWAR_SPECIES_SRC, QUERY::DbQuery_update_list(), arb_progress::done(), error(), GB_begin_transaction(), GB_end_transaction(), GBS_global_string(), GBT_first_species(), GBT_get_name_or_description(), GBT_get_species_data(), GBT_next_species(), GLOBAL_gb_dst, GLOBAL_gb_src, arb_progress::inc_and_check_user_abort(), IS_QUERIED_SPECIES, mg_count_queried(), NULp, SXS_LISTED_SPECIES, SXS_SELECTED_SPECIES, and transferOne().

Referenced by mg_xfer_via_fts().

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