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MutableItemSelector Struct Reference

#include <items.h>

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Public Attributes

void(* update_item_awars )(GBDATA *gb_main, AW_root *aw_root, const char *item_name)
char *(* generate_item_id )(GBDATA *gb_main, GBDATA *gb_item)
GBDATA *(* find_item_by_id )(GBDATA *gb_main, const char *id)
void(* selection_list_rescan_cb )(AW_window *, GBDATA *gb_main)
int item_name_length
const charchange_key_path
const charitem_name
const charitems_name
const charid_field
GBDATA *(* get_first_item_container )(GBDATA *, AW_root *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA *(* get_next_item_container )(GBDATA *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA *(* get_first_item )(GBDATA *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA *(* get_next_item )(GBDATA *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA *(* get_selected_item )(GBDATA *gb_main, AW_root *aw_root)
void(* add_selection_changed_cb )(AW_root *aw_root, const RootCallback &cb)
GBDATA *(* get_parent )(GBDATA *gb_item)
void(* trigger_display_refresh )()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file items.h.

Member Data Documentation

QUERY_ITEM_TYPE MutableItemSelector::type
void(* MutableItemSelector::update_item_awars)(GBDATA *gb_main, AW_root *aw_root, const char *item_name)
char*(* MutableItemSelector::generate_item_id)(GBDATA *gb_main, GBDATA *gb_item)
GBDATA*(* MutableItemSelector::find_item_by_id)(GBDATA *gb_main, const char *id)

Definition at line 60 of file items.h.

Referenced by RefEntries::addRefsTo(), and restore_colorset_representation().

void(* MutableItemSelector::selection_list_rescan_cb)(AW_window *, GBDATA *gb_main)

Definition at line 61 of file items.h.

int MutableItemSelector::item_name_length

Definition at line 63 of file items.h.

Referenced by QUERY::DbQuery_update_list().

const char* MutableItemSelector::change_key_path
const char* MutableItemSelector::item_name
const char* MutableItemSelector::items_name
const char* MutableItemSelector::id_field

Definition at line 68 of file items.h.

Referenced by compare_hits().

GBDATA*(* MutableItemSelector::get_first_item_container)(GBDATA *, AW_root *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA*(* MutableItemSelector::get_next_item_container)(GBDATA *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA*(* MutableItemSelector::get_first_item)(GBDATA *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA*(* MutableItemSelector::get_next_item)(GBDATA *, QUERY_RANGE)
GBDATA*(* MutableItemSelector::get_selected_item)(GBDATA *gb_main, AW_root *aw_root)
void(* MutableItemSelector::add_selection_changed_cb)(AW_root *aw_root, const RootCallback &cb)
ItemSelector* MutableItemSelector::parent_selector

Definition at line 79 of file items.h.

Referenced by compare_hits(), and QUERY::create_query_box().

GBDATA*(* MutableItemSelector::get_parent)(GBDATA *gb_item)

Definition at line 80 of file items.h.

Referenced by compare_hits().

void(* MutableItemSelector::trigger_display_refresh)()

Definition at line 82 of file items.h.

Referenced by clear_all_colors(), colorize_queried_cb(), and restore_colorset_representation().

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