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f2c.h File Reference
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struct  complex
struct  doublecomplex
struct  cilist
struct  icilist
struct  olist
struct  cllist
struct  alist
struct  inlist
union  Multitype
struct  Vardesc
struct  Namelist


#define TRUE_   (1)
#define FALSE_   (0)
#define Extern   extern
#define VOID   void
#define abs(x)   ((x) >= 0 ? (x) : -(x))
#define dabs(x)   (doublereal)abs(x)
#define min(a, b)   ((a) <= (b) ? (a) : (b))
#define max(a, b)   ((a) >= (b) ? (a) : (b))
#define dmin(a, b)   (doublereal)min(a,b)
#define dmax(a, b)   (doublereal)max(a,b)
#define F2C_proc_par_types   1


typedef long int integer
typedef charaddress
typedef short int shortint
typedef float real
typedef double doublereal
typedef long int logical
typedef short int shortlogical
typedef char logical1
typedef char integer1
typedef long int flag
typedef long int ftnlen
typedef long int ftnint
typedef union Multitype Multitype
typedef struct Vardesc Vardesc
typedef struct Namelist Namelist
typedef int(* U_fp )()
typedef shortint(* J_fp )()
typedef integer(* I_fp )()
typedef real(* R_fp )()
typedef doublereal(* D_fp )()
typedef doublereal(*)(* E_fp )()
typedef VOID(* C_fp )()
typedef VOID(* Z_fp )()
typedef logical(* L_fp )()
typedef shortlogical(* K_fp )()
typedef VOID(* H_fp )()
typedef int(* S_fp )()
typedef VOID C_f
typedef VOID H_f
typedef VOID Z_f
typedef doublereal E_f

Macro Definition Documentation

#define TRUE_   (1)

Definition at line 23 of file f2c.h.

Referenced by balanc_(), cbal_(), rgg_(), and rsb_().

#define FALSE_   (0)

Definition at line 24 of file f2c.h.

Referenced by balanc_(), cbal_(), invit_(), rgg_(), and rsb_().

#define Extern   extern

Definition at line 28 of file f2c.h.

#define VOID   void

Definition at line 119 of file f2c.h.

#define abs (   x)    ((x) >= 0 ? (x) : -(x))
#define dabs (   x)    (doublereal)abs(x)

Definition at line 152 of file f2c.h.

#define min (   a,
)    ((a) <= (b) ? (a) : (b))

Definition at line 153 of file f2c.h.

Referenced by GenePositionMap::announceGene(), AP_probe_iterate_event(), AW_hsv::AW_hsv(), awt_create_input_mask(), awt_create_select_filter_window_aw_cb(), bandr_(), bandv_(), bisect_(), bqr_(), ED4_SearchResults::buildColorString(), ED4_scrolled_rectangle::calc_bottomRight_folding_dimensions(), FamilyStat::calc_rel_matches(), calcInsertNow(), calcTaxDifference(), SpeciesFlags::calculate_header_dimensions(), ALI_PROFILE::cheapest_sequence(), AliData::check_delete_allowed(), Sonde::check_for_min(), checkopt(), FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >::cmp_data(), AliData::cmp_whole_data(), DendroSubtreeLimits::combine(), comlr2_(), comqr2_(), comqr_(), ValueCounter< int >::count_value(), DI_MATRIX::detect_transformation(), PH_display::display(), PART::distanceTo(), ED4_pfold_calculate_secstruct_match(), ED4_show_helix_on_device(), FlagLayout::FlagLayout(), force_in_range(), ConsensusBuildParams::force_in_range(), ST_ML::get_color_string(), LimitTracker< T >::get_min(), get_physical_memory(), get_random(), getseqtype(), gtoe(), AWT_canvas::handleWheelEvent(), hqr2_(), hqr_(), FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >::inc_to_avoid_overflow(), AWT_canvas::instant_zoom_reset(), intersection(), AP_tree_edge::kl_rec(), ST_base_vector::min_frequency(), DupNameCriterion::name_matches_wordwise(), NormalizeOffset(), AW_font_limits::notify(), FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >::operate_on_mem(), ValueCounter< int >::operator+=(), parseformat(), pd_kill_pt_server(), pythag_(), qzit_(), ratqr_(), MG_remap::remap(), remove_tprobes_with_too_many_mishits(), DI_MATRIX::save(), scanMinIndentation(), sec_expect_constraints(), MostLikelySeq::set_sequence(), AliDataSlice::slice_down(), FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >::slice_down(), LimitTracker< T >::track(), tridib_(), tsturm_(), ED4_manager::update_bases(), ED4_manager::update_bases_and_rebuild_consensi(), ali_aligner_last_cell::update_left(), ST_ML::update_ml_likelihood(), AP_tree::update_subtree_information(), ali_aligner_last_cell::update_up(), writeSeq(), and AWT_canvas::zoom().

#define max (   a,
)    ((a) >= (b) ? (a) : (b))

Definition at line 154 of file f2c.h.

Referenced by InfoWindowRegistry::allocate_detach_id(), DisplayFormat::announce(), GenePositionMap::announceGene(), ap_calc_bootstrap_remark_sub(), SaiAciApplicator::apply(), AW_hsv::AW_hsv(), aw_onExpose_calc_WM_offsets(), awt_create_input_mask(), awt_create_select_filter_window_aw_cb(), bandr_(), bandv_(), MatchingOligo::bind_against(), bisect_(), bqr_(), ED4_SearchResults::buildColorString(), ED4_scrolled_rectangle::calc_bottomRight_folding_dimensions(), FamilyStat::calc_rel_matches(), PH_filter::calculate_column_homology(), checkopt(), ClustalV_align(), DendroSubtreeLimits::combine(), ValueCounter< int >::count_value(), ProbeCandidates::create_tprobes(), DI_MATRIX::detect_transformation(), ED4_manager::distribute_children(), AW_window::draw_line(), ED4_jump_to_cursor_position(), export_nds_cb(), AWT_configuration_selection::fill(), FlagLayout::FlagLayout(), force_in_range(), ConsensusBuildParams::force_in_range(), g_b_Consensus_get_sequence(), GB_log_fak(), GBT_open(), ED4_base::generate_configuration_string(), ST_ML::get_color_string(), LimitTracker< T >::get_max(), Alignment::get_max_len(), symmetric_matrix< AP_FLOAT >::get_max_value(), get_short(), ConsensusTreeBuilder::get_tree_remark(), hqr2_(), FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >::inc_to(), InsertDatainGDE(), AWT_canvas::instant_zoom_reset(), intersection(), LimitTracker< T >::is_single_value(), ST_base_vector::max_frequency(), BaseFrequencies::max_frequency_at(), minfit_(), GBS_strstruct::ncatPadded(), NormalizeOffset(), AW_font_limits::notify(), ValueCounter< int >::operator+=(), SEC_root::paint(), SEC_root::paintAnnotation(), PD_formatter::PD_formatter(), pd_kill_pt_server(), AP_rates::print(), AW_xfig::print(), probe_match_with_specificity_event(), PT_add_to_chain(), PT_build_species_hash(), pythag_(), qzit_(), ReadGen(), ReadNA_Flat(), readopt(), DI_MATRIX::save(), Cluster::scan_display_widths(), EDB_root_bact::search_sequence_data_rek(), sec_expect_constraints(), LimitTracker< T >::seen(), BasicStatus::set_gauge(), st_ml_add_sequence_part_to_stat(), svd_(), tinvit_(), ColumnWidths::track(), LimitTracker< T >::track(), tridib_(), AW_gc_manager::trigger_changed_cb(), tsturm_(), AWT_configuration::update_field_selection_list(), update_group_folding(), AP_tree::update_subtree_information(), and AWT_canvas::zoom().

#define dmin (   a,
)    (doublereal)min(a,b)

Definition at line 155 of file f2c.h.

#define dmax (   a,
)    (doublereal)max(a,b)

Definition at line 156 of file f2c.h.

#define F2C_proc_par_types   1

Definition at line 160 of file f2c.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef long int integer

barf [ba:rf] 2. "He suggested using FORTRAN, and everybody barfed."

  • From The Shogakukan DICTIONARY OF NEW ENGLISH (Second edition)

Definition at line 10 of file f2c.h.

typedef char* address

Definition at line 11 of file f2c.h.

typedef short int shortint

Definition at line 12 of file f2c.h.

typedef float real

Definition at line 13 of file f2c.h.

typedef double doublereal

Definition at line 14 of file f2c.h.

typedef long int logical

Definition at line 17 of file f2c.h.

Definition at line 18 of file f2c.h.

typedef char logical1

Definition at line 19 of file f2c.h.

typedef char integer1

Definition at line 20 of file f2c.h.

typedef long int flag

Definition at line 39 of file f2c.h.

typedef long int ftnlen

Definition at line 40 of file f2c.h.

typedef long int ftnint

Definition at line 41 of file f2c.h.

typedef union Multitype Multitype

Definition at line 132 of file f2c.h.

typedef struct Vardesc Vardesc

Definition at line 142 of file f2c.h.

typedef struct Namelist Namelist

Definition at line 149 of file f2c.h.

typedef int(* U_fp)()

Definition at line 174 of file f2c.h.

typedef shortint(* J_fp)()

Definition at line 175 of file f2c.h.

typedef integer(* I_fp)()

Definition at line 176 of file f2c.h.

typedef real(* R_fp)()

Definition at line 177 of file f2c.h.

typedef doublereal(* D_fp)()

Definition at line 178 of file f2c.h.

typedef doublereal(*)(* E_fp)()

Definition at line 178 of file f2c.h.

typedef VOID(* C_fp)()

Definition at line 179 of file f2c.h.

typedef VOID(* Z_fp)()

Definition at line 180 of file f2c.h.

typedef logical(* L_fp)()

Definition at line 181 of file f2c.h.

typedef shortlogical(* K_fp)()

Definition at line 182 of file f2c.h.

typedef VOID(* H_fp)()

Definition at line 183 of file f2c.h.

typedef int(* S_fp)()

Definition at line 184 of file f2c.h.

typedef VOID C_f

Definition at line 187 of file f2c.h.

typedef VOID H_f

Definition at line 188 of file f2c.h.

typedef VOID Z_f

Definition at line 189 of file f2c.h.

typedef doublereal E_f

Definition at line 190 of file f2c.h.