aw_status.hxx File Reference
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void aw_status_title (const char *text)
void aw_status_subtitle (const char *text)
void aw_status_gauge (double gauge)
bool aw_status_aborted ()
void aw_openstatus (const char *title)
void aw_closestatus ()
void aw_clear_message_cb (AW_window *aww)

Function Documentation

void aw_status_title ( const char text)

Definition at line 1097 of file AW_status.cxx.

References AW_STATUS_CMD_NEW_TITLE, and status_write_cmd_and_text().

void aw_status_subtitle ( const char text)

Definition at line 1100 of file AW_status.cxx.

References AW_STATUS_CMD_TEXT, and status_write_cmd_and_text().

void aw_status_gauge ( double  gauge)
bool aw_status_aborted ( )
void aw_openstatus ( const char title)
void aw_closestatus ( )

Definition at line 1093 of file AW_status.cxx.

References AW_STATUS_CMD_CLOSE, aw_status_write(), and aw_stg_struct::fd_to.

void aw_clear_message_cb ( AW_window aww)