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nds.cxx File Reference
#include "nds.h"
#include <awt_config_manager.hxx>
#include <awt_sel_boxes.hxx>
#include <aw_awar.hxx>
#include <aw_file.hxx>
#include <aw_msg.hxx>
#include <aw_root.hxx>
#include <aw_select.hxx>
#include <TreeNode.h>
#include <items.h>
#include <item_sel_list.h>
#include <gb_aci.h>
#include <arb_msg_fwd.h>
#include <arb_global_defs.h>
#include <arb_strbuf.h>
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class  NodeTextBuilder


#define nds_assert(cond)   arb_assert(cond)
#define NDS_PER_PAGE   10
#define NDS_PAGES   6
#define AWAR_NDS_USE_ALL   "arb_presets/all"
#define AWAR_NDS_PAGE   "arb_presets/page"
#define VIEWKEY_LENGTH_MAX   1000000


const charviewkeyAwarName (int i, const char *name)
AW_awarviewkeyAwar (AW_root *aw_root, AW_default awdef, int i, const char *name, bool string_awar)
static void nds_length_changed_cb (AW_root *, AW_awar *Awar_len1, AW_awar *Awar_len2)
static void map_viewkey (AW_root *aw_root, AW_default awdef, int i, GBDATA *gb_viewkey, bool initialize)
static void map_viewkeys (AW_root *aw_root, GBDATA *awdef, GBDATA *gb_main)
static __ATTR__USERESULT GB_ERROR nds_delete_database_entries (GBDATA *gb_main, int page_to_reset, bool only_delete_len2_entries)
static __ATTR__USERESULT GB_ERROR nds_maintain_viewkeys (GBDATA *gb_main)
static __ATTR__USERESULT GB_ERROR nds_create_vars (AW_root *aw_root, AW_default awdef, GBDATA *gb_main)
void NDS_create_vars (AW_root *aw_root, AW_default awdef, GBDATA *gb_main)
static const charscript_part_of (const char *predef_entry)
static void awt_pre_to_view (AW_root *aw_root)
static void awt_select_pre_from_view (AW_root *aw_root, AW_selection_list *programs)
void NDS_popup_select_srtaci_window (AW_window *aww, const char *acisrt_awarname)
static void nds_init_config (AWT_config_definition &cdef)
static charnds_store_config ()
static void nds_restore_config (const char *stored, GBDATA *gb_main)
AW_windowNDS_create_window (AW_root *aw_root, GBDATA *gb_main)
static charquoted_if_containing_separator (const char *text, char separator)
static const charcreateReplaceTable ()
charNDS_mask_nonprintable_chars (char *const str)


static bool in_pre_update = false

Macro Definition Documentation

#define nds_assert (   cond)    arb_assert(cond)
#define NDS_PER_PAGE   10
#define NDS_PAGES   6

Definition at line 33 of file nds.cxx.

Referenced by map_viewkeys(), and NDS_create_window().

#define AWAR_NDS_USE_ALL   "arb_presets/all"

Definition at line 37 of file nds.cxx.

Referenced by nds_create_vars(), and NDS_create_window().

#define AWAR_NDS_PAGE   "arb_presets/page"

Definition at line 38 of file nds.cxx.

Referenced by map_viewkeys(), NDS_create_window(), and nds_restore_config().

#define VIEWKEY_LENGTH_MAX   1000000

Definition at line 97 of file nds.cxx.

Referenced by nds_length_changed_cb(), and nds_maintain_viewkeys().

Function Documentation

const char* viewkeyAwarName ( int  i,
const char name 

Definition at line 84 of file nds.cxx.

References GBS_global_string(), nds_assert, and NDS_PER_PAGE.

Referenced by NDS_create_window(), nds_init_config(), and viewkeyAwar().

AW_awar* viewkeyAwar ( AW_root aw_root,
AW_default  awdef,
int  i,
const char name,
bool  string_awar 

Definition at line 89 of file nds.cxx.

References AW_root::awar_int(), AW_root::awar_string(), NULp, and viewkeyAwarName().

Referenced by map_viewkey().

static void nds_length_changed_cb ( AW_root ,
AW_awar Awar_len1,
AW_awar Awar_len2 

Definition at line 99 of file nds.cxx.

References AW_awar::read_int(), VIEWKEY_LENGTH_MAX, and AW_awar::write_int().

Referenced by map_viewkey().

static void map_viewkey ( AW_root aw_root,
AW_default  awdef,
int  i,
GBDATA gb_viewkey,
bool  initialize 
static void map_viewkeys ( AW_root aw_root,
GBDATA awdef,
GBDATA gb_main 
static __ATTR__USERESULT GB_ERROR nds_delete_database_entries ( GBDATA gb_main,
int  page_to_reset,
bool  only_delete_len2_entries 
static __ATTR__USERESULT GB_ERROR nds_maintain_viewkeys ( GBDATA gb_main)
static __ATTR__USERESULT GB_ERROR nds_create_vars ( AW_root aw_root,
AW_default  awdef,
GBDATA gb_main 
void NDS_create_vars ( AW_root aw_root,
AW_default  awdef,
GBDATA gb_main 

Definition at line 366 of file nds.cxx.

References aw_message_if(), and nds_create_vars().

Referenced by nt_create_all_awars(), and pars_create_all_awars().

static const char* script_part_of ( const char predef_entry)

Definition at line 370 of file nds.cxx.

Referenced by awt_pre_to_view(), and awt_select_pre_from_view().

static void awt_pre_to_view ( AW_root aw_root)
static void awt_select_pre_from_view ( AW_root aw_root,
AW_selection_list programs 
void NDS_popup_select_srtaci_window ( AW_window aww,
const char acisrt_awarname 
static void nds_init_config ( AWT_config_definition cdef)

Definition at line 450 of file nds.cxx.

References AWT_config_definition::add(), NDS_PER_PAGE, and viewkeyAwarName().

Referenced by nds_restore_config(), and nds_store_config().

static char* nds_store_config ( )

Definition at line 460 of file nds.cxx.

References nds_init_config(), and AWT_config_definition::read().

Referenced by NDS_create_window().

static void nds_restore_config ( const char stored,
GBDATA gb_main 
AW_window* NDS_create_window ( AW_root aw_root,
GBDATA gb_main 
static char* quoted_if_containing_separator ( const char text,
char  separator 

Definition at line 750 of file nds.cxx.

References GBS_global_string_copy(), and NULp.

Referenced by NodeTextBuilder::work().

static const char* createReplaceTable ( )

Definition at line 959 of file nds.cxx.

Referenced by NDS_mask_nonprintable_chars().

char* NDS_mask_nonprintable_chars ( char *const  str)

Definition at line 974 of file nds.cxx.

References createReplaceTable(), and safeCharIndex().

Referenced by ED4_get_NDS_text(), GEN_make_node_text_nds(), and NodeTextBuilder::work().

Variable Documentation

bool in_pre_update = false

Definition at line 375 of file nds.cxx.

Referenced by awt_pre_to_view(), and awt_select_pre_from_view().