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AWT_configuration Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 AWT_configuration (AW_default default_file_, const char *id_, const StoreConfigCallback &store_, const RestoreConfigCallback &load_or_reset_, const AWT_predefined_config *predef)
string get_config (const string &cfgname)
GB_ERROR set_config (const string &cfgname, const string &new_value)
charStore () const
GB_ERROR Restore (const string &s) const
void Reset () const
GB_ERROR Save (const char *filename, const string &cfg_name, const string &comment)
GB_ERROR Load (const char *filename, const string &cfg_name, string &found_comment)
bool has_existing (string lookFor)
void erase_deleted_configs ()
void add_predefined_to (ConstStrArray &cfgs)
const AWT_predefined_configfind_predefined (const string &cfgname)
void popup_edit_window (AW_window *aw_config)
void update_field_selection_list ()
void update_field_content ()
void store_changed_field_content ()
void delete_selected_field ()
void keep_changed_fields ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ConfigDefinition
 ConfigDefinition (AW_default default_file_, const char *id_)
bool operator< (const ConfigDefinition &other) const
AW_default get_db () const
const charget_id () const
string get_awar_name (const string &subname, bool temp=false) const
string get_config_dbpath (const string &cfgname) const
AW_awarget_awar (const string &subname, bool temp=false) const
AW_awarget_awar (ConfigAwar a) const
string get_awar_value (ConfigAwar a) const
void set_awar_value (ConfigAwar a, const string &new_value) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 87 of file AWT_config_manager.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AWT_configuration::AWT_configuration ( AW_default  default_file_,
const char id_,
const StoreConfigCallback &  store_,
const RestoreConfigCallback &  load_or_reset_,
const AWT_predefined_config predef 

Definition at line 99 of file AWT_config_manager.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

string AWT_configuration::get_config ( const string cfgname)
GB_ERROR AWT_configuration::set_config ( const string cfgname,
const string new_value 
char* AWT_configuration::Store ( ) const

Definition at line 139 of file AWT_config_manager.cxx.

Referenced by store_cb().

GB_ERROR AWT_configuration::Restore ( const string s) const

Definition at line 140 of file AWT_config_manager.cxx.

References error(), and NULp.

Referenced by restore_cb().

void AWT_configuration::Reset ( ) const

Definition at line 148 of file AWT_config_manager.cxx.

References NULp.

Referenced by reset_cb().

GB_ERROR AWT_configuration::Save ( const char filename,
const string cfg_name,
const string comment 
GB_ERROR AWT_configuration::Load ( const char filename,
const string cfg_name,
string found_comment 
bool AWT_configuration::has_existing ( string  lookFor)

Definition at line 155 of file AWT_config_manager.cxx.


Referenced by comment_changed_cb(), and current_changed_cb().

void AWT_configuration::erase_deleted_configs ( )
void AWT_configuration::add_predefined_to ( ConstStrArray cfgs)
const AWT_predefined_config* AWT_configuration::find_predefined ( const string cfgname)
void AWT_configuration::popup_edit_window ( AW_window aw_config)
void AWT_configuration::update_field_selection_list ( )

Definition at line 546 of file AWT_config_manager.cxx.

References CURRENT_CFG, GBS_global_string(), max, and SELECTED_FIELD.

Referenced by current_changed_cb().

void AWT_configuration::update_field_content ( )
void AWT_configuration::store_changed_field_content ( )
void AWT_configuration::delete_selected_field ( )
void AWT_configuration::keep_changed_fields ( )

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