aisc_proto.h File Reference
#include <attributes.h>
#include "aisc_def.h"
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charread_aisc_file (const char *path, const Location *loc)
const charformatted (const char *format,...) __ATTR__FORMAT(1)
charget_var_string (const Data &data, char *var, bool allow_missing_var)

Function Documentation

char* read_aisc_file ( const char path,
const Location loc 

Definition at line 22 of file aisc.c.

References buffer, NULp, print_error, and printf_error.

Referenced by Interpreter::launch().

const char* formatted ( const char format,

Definition at line 65 of file aisc_commands.c.

References chars, errbuf, ERRBUFSIZE, EXIT_FAILURE, fputc(), NULp, va_end(), va_start(), and vfprintf().

Referenced by Interpreter::launch().

char* get_var_string ( const Data data,
char var,
bool  allow_missing_var