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adsocket.cxx File Reference
#include <unistd.h>
#include <climits>
#include <cstdarg>
#include <cctype>
#include <netdb.h>
#include <netinet/tcp.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <sys/mman.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/un.h>
#include <arb_cs.h>
#include <arb_str.h>
#include <arb_strbuf.h>
#include <arb_file.h>
#include <arb_sleep.h>
#include <arb_pathlen.h>
#include "gb_comm.h"
#include "gb_data.h"
#include "gb_localdata.h"
#include <SigHandler.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <arb_misc.h>
#include <arb_defs.h>
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struct  export_environment


#define GB_PATH_TMP   GB_path_in_arb_temp("tmp")


void gbcm_read_flush ()
static long gbcm_read_buffered (int socket, char *ptr, long size)
long gbcm_read (int socket, char *ptr, long size)
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write_flush (int socket)
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write (int socket, const char *ptr, long size)
GB_ERROR gbcm_open_socket (const char *path, bool do_connect, int *psocket, char **unix_name)
gbcmc_commgbcmc_open (const char *path)
long gbcm_write_two (int socket, long a, long c)
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_read_two (int socket, long a, long *b, long *c)
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write_string (int socket, const char *key)
chargbcm_read_string (int socket)
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write_long (int socket, long data)
long gbcm_read_long (int socket)
charGB_read_fp (FILE *in)
charGB_read_file (const char *path)
charGB_map_FILE (FILE *in, int writeable)
charGB_map_file (const char *path, int writeable)
GB_ULONG GB_time_of_day ()
GB_ERROR GB_textprint (const char *path)
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvPATH ()
static charGB_find_executable (GB_CSTR description_of_executable,...)
static chargetenv_executable (GB_CSTR envvar)
static chargetenv_existing_directory (GB_CSTR envvar)
static void GB_setenv (const char *var, const char *value)
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_XCMD ()
GB_CSTR GB_getenvUSER ()
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvHOME ()
static chargetenv_autodirectory (const char *envvar, const char *defaultDirectory)
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_PROP ()
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvARBCONFIG ()
GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_GS ()
NOT4PERL gb_getenv_hook GB_install_getenv_hook (gb_getenv_hook hook)
GB_CSTR GB_getenv (const char *env)
bool GB_host_is_local (const char *hostname)
static GB_ULONG get_physical_memory ()
static GB_ULONG parse_env_mem_definition (const char *env_override, GB_ERROR &error)
GB_ULONG GB_get_usable_memory ()
NOT4PERL GB_ERROR GB_xcmd (const char *cmd, XCMD_TYPE exectype)
static charuse_other_path_buf ()
GB_CSTR GB_append_suffix (const char *name, const char *suffix)
GB_CSTR GB_canonical_path (const char *anypath)
GB_CSTR GB_concat_path (GB_CSTR anypath_left, GB_CSTR anypath_right)
GB_CSTR GB_concat_full_path (const char *anypath_left, const char *anypath_right)
bool is_absolute_path (const char *path)
bool is_name_of_envvar (const char *name)
GB_CSTR GB_unfold_in_directory (const char *relative_directory, const char *path)
GB_CSTR GB_unfold_path (const char *pwd_envar, const char *path)
GB_CSTR GB_path_in_ARBHOME (const char *relative_path)
static GB_CSTR GB_concat_path_in_ARBHOME (const char *relative_path_left, const char *anypath_right)
GB_CSTR GB_path_in_ARBLIB (const char *relative_path)
GB_CSTR GB_concat_path_in_ARBLIB (const char *relative_path_left, const char *anypath_right)
GB_CSTR GB_path_in_HOME (const char *relative_path)
GB_CSTR GB_path_in_arbprop (const char *relative_path)
static GB_CSTR GB_path_in_arb_temp (const char *relative_path)
FILE * GB_fopen_tempfile (const char *filename, const char *fmode, char **res_fullname)
charGB_create_tempfile (const char *name)
charGB_unique_filename (const char *name_prefix, const char *suffix)
static void exit_remove_file (const char *file, long, void *)
static void exit_removal ()
void GB_remove_on_exit (const char *filename)
void GB_split_full_path (const char *fullpath, char **res_dir, char **res_fullname, char **res_name_only, char **res_suffix)


static gb_getenv_hook getenv_hook = NULp
static export_environment expenv
static int path_toggle = 0
static char path_buf [2][ARB_PATH_MAX]
static GB_HASHfiles_to_remove_on_exit = NULp

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GB_PATH_TMP   GB_path_in_arb_temp("tmp")

Definition at line 1174 of file adsocket.cxx.

Referenced by GB_fopen_tempfile().

Function Documentation

void gbcm_read_flush ( void  )
static long gbcm_read_buffered ( int  socket,
char ptr,
long  size 
long gbcm_read ( int  socket,
char ptr,
long  size 
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write_flush ( int  socket)
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write ( int  socket,
const char ptr,
long  size 
GB_ERROR gbcm_open_socket ( const char path,
bool  do_connect,
int psocket,
char **  unix_name 

Definition at line 144 of file adsocket.cxx.

References arb_open_socket(), GB_await_error(), and GBS_read_arb_tcp().

Referenced by gbcmc_open(), and GBCMS_open().

gbcmc_comm* gbcmc_open ( const char path)
long gbcm_write_two ( int  socket,
long  a,
long  c 
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_read_two ( int  socket,
long  a,
long b,
long c 

read two values: length and any user long

if data is send by gbcm_write_two() then

bshould be zero and is not used!

Definition at line 196 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_internal_error(), GB_internal_errorf(), gbcm_read(), GBCM_SERVER_FAULT, and GBCM_SERVER_OK.

Referenced by gbcm_unfold_client(), gbcmc_abort_transaction(), gbcmc_begin_transaction(), gbcmc_commit_transaction(), GBCMC_find(), gbcmc_init_transaction(), gbcmc_key_alloc(), gbcms_talking_undo(), and gbcms_talking_unfold().

GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write_string ( int  socket,
const char key 
char* gbcm_read_string ( int  socket)
GBCM_ServerResult gbcm_write_long ( int  socket,
long  data 

Definition at line 260 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GBCM_SERVER_OK, and gbcm_write().

Referenced by gbcm_write_string(), and GBCMC_find().

long gbcm_read_long ( int  socket)

Definition at line 265 of file adsocket.cxx.

References gbcm_read().

Referenced by gbcm_read_string(), and gbcms_talking_find().

char* GB_read_fp ( FILE *  in)

like GB_read_file(), but works on already open file (useful together with GB_fopen_tempfile())

Note: File should be opened in text-mode (e.g. "rt")

Definition at line 271 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GBS_strstruct::put(), and GBS_strstruct::release_memfriendly().

Referenced by GB_read_file(), gbcms_sighup(), and read_export_format().

char* GB_read_file ( const char path)

read content of file 'path' into string (heap-copy)

if path is '-', read from STDIN

NULp in case of error (use GB_await_error() to get the message)

Definition at line 287 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_export_error(), GB_IO_error(), GB_read_fp(), GB_size_of_file(), GBS_eval_env(), NULp, and result.

Referenced by ARB_main(), aw_help_helpfile_changed_cb(), aw_help_search(), aw_ref_to_title(), AWT_show_file(), ed_submit_parse_event(), GB_get_arb_revision_tag(), AWT_configuration::Load(), main(), and RecordingMacro::RecordingMacro().

char* GB_map_FILE ( FILE *  in,
int  writeable 

Definition at line 323 of file adsocket.cxx.

References buffer, GB_export_error(), GB_export_errorf(), GB_size_of_FILE(), and NULp.

Referenced by GB_map_file(), and gb_recover_corrupt_file().

char* GB_map_file ( const char path,
int  writeable 

Definition at line 344 of file adsocket.cxx.

References buffer, GB_export_errorf(), GB_map_FILE(), and NULp.

Referenced by gb_map_mapfile(), and PTD_read_leafs_from_disk().

GB_ULONG GB_time_of_day ( void  )
GB_ERROR GB_textprint ( const char path)
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvPATH ( )
static char* GB_find_executable ( GB_CSTR  description_of_executable,
static char* getenv_executable ( GB_CSTR  envvar)
static char* getenv_existing_directory ( GB_CSTR  envvar)
static void GB_setenv ( const char var,
const char value 

Definition at line 516 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_warningf().

Referenced by export_environment::export_environment().

GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_XTERM ( void  )

Definition at line 523 of file adsocket.cxx.

References ARB_getenv_ignore_empty(), and NULp.

Referenced by AWT_console(), GB_getenv(), and GB_getenvARB_XCMD().

static GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_XCMD ( )
GB_CSTR GB_getenvUSER ( void  )
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvHOME ( )

Definition at line 563 of file adsocket.cxx.

References ARB_strdup(), gb_assert, GB_getcwd(), and getenv_existing_directory().

Referenced by GB_canonical_path(), and GB_getenv().

GB_CSTR GB_getenvARBHOME ( void  )

Definition at line 579 of file adsocket.cxx.

References EXIT_FAILURE, and getenv_existing_directory().

Referenced by GB_getenv(), GBS_funptr2readable(), readXmlTree(), and unitTesterDir().

GB_CSTR GB_getenvARBMACRO ( void  )
static char* getenv_autodirectory ( const char envvar,
const char defaultDirectory 
static GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_PROP ( )

Definition at line 622 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_path_in_HOME(), and getenv_autodirectory().

Referenced by GB_getenv().

static GB_CSTR GB_getenvARBCONFIG ( )

Definition at line 634 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_path_in_arbprop(), and getenv_autodirectory().

Referenced by GB_getenv().

GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_GS ( void  )
GB_CSTR GB_getenvARB_PDFVIEW ( void  )

Definition at line 659 of file adsocket.cxx.

References ARB_strdup(), GB_find_executable(), getenv_executable(), and NULp.

Referenced by aw_help_helpfile_changed_cb(), and GB_getenv().

GB_CSTR GB_getenvDOCPATH ( void  )
GB_CSTR GB_getenvHTMLDOCPATH ( void  )

Definition at line 686 of file adsocket.cxx.

References ARB_strdup(), GB_path_in_ARBLIB(), getenv_existing_directory(), and NULp.

Referenced by get_local_help_url().

NOT4PERL gb_getenv_hook GB_install_getenv_hook ( gb_getenv_hook  hook)

Definition at line 699 of file adsocket.cxx.

References getenv_hook.

Referenced by AW_unfold_path(), and ignore_arb_prop().

GB_CSTR GB_getenv ( const char env)
bool GB_host_is_local ( const char hostname)

Definition at line 746 of file adsocket.cxx.

References arb_assert, arb_gethostname(), ARB_strBeginsWith(), and ARB_stricmp().

Referenced by createCallOnSocketHost().

static GB_ULONG get_physical_memory ( )
static GB_ULONG parse_env_mem_definition ( const char env_override,
GB_ERROR error 

Definition at line 830 of file adsocket.cxx.

References FALLTHROUGH, get_physical_memory(), NULp, and valid().

Referenced by GB_get_usable_memory().

GB_ULONG GB_get_usable_memory ( void  )
NOT4PERL GB_ERROR GB_xcmd ( const char cmd,
XCMD_TYPE  exectype 
static char* use_other_path_buf ( )

Definition at line 979 of file adsocket.cxx.

References path_toggle.

Referenced by GB_append_suffix(), GB_canonical_path(), and GB_concat_path().

GB_CSTR GB_append_suffix ( const char name,
const char suffix 
GB_CSTR GB_canonical_path ( const char anypath)
GB_CSTR GB_concat_path ( GB_CSTR  anypath_left,
GB_CSTR  anypath_right 
GB_CSTR GB_concat_full_path ( const char anypath_left,
const char anypath_right 
bool is_absolute_path ( const char path)

Definition at line 1114 of file adsocket.cxx.

Referenced by GB_unfold_in_directory(), and GB_unfold_path().

bool is_name_of_envvar ( const char name)

Definition at line 1115 of file adsocket.cxx.

Referenced by GB_unfold_path().

GB_CSTR GB_unfold_in_directory ( const char relative_directory,
const char path 

Definition at line 1123 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_canonical_path(), GB_concat_full_path(), and is_absolute_path().

GB_CSTR GB_unfold_path ( const char pwd_envar,
const char path 
GB_CSTR GB_path_in_ARBHOME ( const char relative_path)
static GB_CSTR GB_concat_path_in_ARBHOME ( const char relative_path_left,
const char anypath_right 

Definition at line 1152 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_concat_path(), and GB_path_in_ARBHOME().

Referenced by GB_path_in_ARBLIB().

GB_CSTR GB_path_in_ARBLIB ( const char relative_path)
GB_CSTR GB_concat_path_in_ARBLIB ( const char relative_path_left,
const char anypath_right 
GB_CSTR GB_path_in_HOME ( const char relative_path)

Definition at line 1163 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_unfold_path().

Referenced by GB_getenvARB_PROP(), GB_path_in_arb_temp(), and save_messagebox_content_to().

GB_CSTR GB_path_in_arbprop ( const char relative_path)
static GB_CSTR GB_path_in_arb_temp ( const char relative_path)

Definition at line 1169 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_concat_path(), and GB_path_in_HOME().

FILE* GB_fopen_tempfile ( const char filename,
const char fmode,
char **  res_fullname 
char* GB_create_tempfile ( const char name)
char* GB_unique_filename ( const char name_prefix,
const char suffix 
static void exit_remove_file ( const char file,
long  ,
void *   

Definition at line 1246 of file adsocket.cxx.

References GB_IO_error().

Referenced by exit_removal().

static void exit_removal ( )

Definition at line 1251 of file adsocket.cxx.

References exit_remove_file(), GBS_free_hash(), GBS_hash_do_const_loop(), and NULp.

Referenced by GB_remove_on_exit().

void GB_remove_on_exit ( const char filename)
void GB_split_full_path ( const char fullpath,
char **  res_dir,
char **  res_fullname,
char **  res_name_only,
char **  res_suffix 

Variable Documentation

gb_getenv_hook getenv_hook = NULp

Definition at line 697 of file adsocket.cxx.

Referenced by GB_getenv(), and GB_install_getenv_hook().

export_environment expenv

Definition at line 744 of file adsocket.cxx.

int path_toggle = 0

Definition at line 976 of file adsocket.cxx.

Referenced by GB_canonical_path(), and use_other_path_buf().

char path_buf[2][ARB_PATH_MAX]

Definition at line 977 of file adsocket.cxx.

GB_HASH* files_to_remove_on_exit = NULp

Definition at line 1245 of file adsocket.cxx.