server.h File Reference
#include <attributes.h>
#include <aisc_func_types.h>
#include <stdio.h>
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void aisc_server_errorf (const char *templat,...) __ATTR__FORMAT(1)
const charaisc_get_object_names (long i)
Hs_structopen_aisc_server (const char *path, int timeout, int fork)
int aisc_talking_get_index (int u, int o)
long aisc_make_sets (long *obj)
int aisc_broadcast (Hs_struct *hs, int message_type, const char *message)
Hs_structaisc_accept_calls (Hs_struct *hs)
void aisc_server_shutdown (Hs_struct *&hs)
int aisc_add_destroy_callback (aisc_destroy_callback callback, long clientdata)
void aisc_remove_destroy_callback (void)
int aisc_server_save_token (FILE *fd, const char *buffer, int maxsize)
int aisc_server_load_token (FILE *fd, char *buffer, int maxsize)

Function Documentation

void aisc_server_errorf ( const char templat,

Definition at line 122 of file server.c.

References error_buf, EXIT_FAILURE, fflush(), fputs(), va_end(), va_start(), and vfprintf().

const char* aisc_get_object_names ( long  i)
Hs_struct* open_aisc_server ( const char path,
int  timeout,
int  fork 
int aisc_talking_get_index ( int  u,
int  o 

Definition at line 429 of file server.c.

References AISC_DUMP, aisc_server_index, aisc_talking_get_index(), and error_buf.

Referenced by aisc_talking_get_index().

long aisc_make_sets ( long obj)
int aisc_broadcast ( Hs_struct hs,
int  message_type,
const char message 
Hs_struct* aisc_accept_calls ( Hs_struct hs)
void aisc_server_shutdown ( Hs_struct *&  hs)
int aisc_add_destroy_callback ( aisc_destroy_callback  callback,
long  clientdata 
void aisc_remove_destroy_callback ( void  )
int aisc_server_save_token ( FILE *  fd,
const char buffer,
int  maxsize 

Definition at line 1186 of file server.c.

References buffer.

int aisc_server_load_token ( FILE *  fd,
char buffer,
int  maxsize 

Definition at line 1199 of file server.c.

References buffer, and result.