triangular.h File Reference
#include "cxxforward.h"
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CONSTEXPR_INLINE long triangular_number (const long N)
CONSTEXPR_INLINE long squarepyramidal_number (const long N)
CONSTEXPR_INLINE long sum_of_triangular_numbers (const long L)

Function Documentation

CONSTEXPR_INLINE long triangular_number ( const long  N)
CONSTEXPR_INLINE long squarepyramidal_number ( const long  N)

Definition at line 24 of file triangular.h.

Referenced by sum_of_triangular_numbers().

CONSTEXPR_INLINE long sum_of_triangular_numbers ( const long  L)

Definition at line 30 of file triangular.h.

References squarepyramidal_number(), and triangular_number().

Referenced by di_calculate_tree_cb(), and neighbourjoining().