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ItemShader Class Referenceabstract

#include <item_shader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ItemShader (const std::string &id_, const std::string &description_, ReshadeCallback rcb, int undefined_gc_)
virtual ~ItemShader ()
virtual void register_plugin (ShaderPluginPtr plugin)=0
virtual bool activate_plugin (const std::string &id)=0
bool deactivate_plugin ()
virtual std::string active_plugin_name () const =0
bool is_active_plugin (const ShaderPlugin &plugin) const
virtual void init ()=0
virtual void popup_config_window (AW_root *awr)=0
virtual void check_dimension_change ()=0
const std::stringget_id () const
const std::stringget_description () const
bool active () const
bool overlay_marked () const
bool overlay_color_groups () const
ShadedValue shade (GBDATA *gb_item) const
int to_GC (const ShadedValue &val) const
void trigger_reshade_callback (ReshadeMode mode)

Protected Attributes

ShaderPluginPtr active_plugin
int first_range_gc
Phaser phaser


class DelayReshade

Detailed Description

Definition at line 258 of file item_shader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ItemShader::ItemShader ( const std::string id_,
const std::string description_,
ReshadeCallback  rcb,
int  undefined_gc_ 

Definition at line 292 of file item_shader.h.

virtual ItemShader::~ItemShader ( )

Definition at line 301 of file item_shader.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ItemShader::register_plugin ( ShaderPluginPtr  plugin)
pure virtual

Implemented in FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >.

Referenced by NT_TreeShader::NT_TreeShader().

virtual bool ItemShader::activate_plugin ( const std::string id)
pure virtual

Implemented in FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >.

Referenced by deactivate_plugin().

bool ItemShader::deactivate_plugin ( )

Definition at line 305 of file item_shader.h.

References activate_plugin(), and NO_PLUGIN_SELECTED.

virtual std::string ItemShader::active_plugin_name ( ) const
pure virtual

Implemented in FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >.

Referenced by is_active_plugin().

bool ItemShader::is_active_plugin ( const ShaderPlugin plugin) const
virtual void ItemShader::init ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >.

Referenced by NT_TreeShader::init().

virtual void ItemShader::popup_config_window ( AW_root awr)
pure virtual

Implemented in FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >.

Referenced by NT_TreeShader::popup_config().

virtual void ItemShader::check_dimension_change ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in FINAL_TYPE< SEQTYPE >.

Referenced by trigger_reshade_callback().

const std::string& ItemShader::get_id ( ) const

Definition at line 317 of file item_shader.h.

References id.

Referenced by ShaderPlugin::get_shader_local_id().

const std::string& ItemShader::get_description ( ) const

Definition at line 318 of file item_shader.h.

bool ItemShader::active ( ) const
bool ItemShader::overlay_marked ( ) const

Definition at line 321 of file item_shader.h.

References active(), and ShaderPlugin::overlay_marked().

Referenced by NT_TreeShader::update_settings().

bool ItemShader::overlay_color_groups ( ) const
ShadedValue ItemShader::shade ( GBDATA gb_item) const
int ItemShader::to_GC ( const ShadedValue val) const

Definition at line 328 of file item_shader.h.

References is_assert.

Referenced by NT_TreeShader::to_GC().

void ItemShader::trigger_reshade_callback ( ReshadeMode  mode)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DelayReshade

Definition at line 284 of file item_shader.h.

Member Data Documentation

ShaderPluginPtr ItemShader::active_plugin

Definition at line 287 of file item_shader.h.

int ItemShader::first_range_gc

Definition at line 288 of file item_shader.h.

Phaser ItemShader::phaser

Definition at line 289 of file item_shader.h.

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