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MG_adapt_ali.hxx File Reference
#include <arbdb_base.h>
#include <arb_strarray.h>
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class  MG_remaps


GB_ERROR MG_adaptAllCopiedAlignments (const MG_remaps &remaps, GBDATA *source_species, GBDATA *destination_species)

Function Documentation

GB_ERROR MG_adaptAllCopiedAlignments ( const MG_remaps remaps,
GBDATA source_species,
GBDATA destination_species 

if the 'adapt alignment' toggle is checked in 'merge species' window (i.e. if remaps.doesRemap), then this function does adapt all alignment data in 'destination_species', where source- and destination-data are identical (i.e. have just been copied before).

Definition at line 725 of file MG_adapt_ali.cxx.

References adaptCopiedAlignment(), MG_remaps::alignment_name(), MG_remaps::doesRemap(), error(), NULp, MG_remaps::remap(), and MG_remaps::size().

Referenced by MG_transfer_one_species(), transfer_single_field(), and AdaptedAlignmentTransporter::transport().