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AP_TreeSet.hxx File Reference
#include "AP_Tree.hxx"
#include <set>
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typedef std::set< AP_tree * > AP_tree_set
typedef AP_tree_set::iterator AP_tree_set_iter
typedef AP_tree_set::const_iterator AP_tree_set_citer


void collect_enclosing_groups (AP_tree *node, AP_tree_set &groups)
void collect_contained_groups (AP_tree *node, AP_tree_set &groups)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set<AP_tree*> AP_tree_set

Definition at line 21 of file AP_TreeSet.hxx.

typedef AP_tree_set::iterator AP_tree_set_iter

Definition at line 22 of file AP_TreeSet.hxx.

typedef AP_tree_set::const_iterator AP_tree_set_citer

Definition at line 23 of file AP_TreeSet.hxx.

Function Documentation

void collect_enclosing_groups ( AP_tree node,
AP_tree_set groups 
void collect_contained_groups ( AP_tree node,
AP_tree_set groups