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ARB_edge Class Reference

#include <TreeNode.h>

Public Member Functions

void virtually_distribute_length (GBT_LEN len, TreeNode::LengthCollector &collect) const
 ARB_edge (TreeNode *From, TreeNode *To)
 ARB_edge (TreeNode *From, TreeNode *To, ARB_edge_type Type)
 ARB_edge (const ARB_edge &otherEdge)
ARB_edge_type get_type () const
TreeNodesource () const
TreeNodedest () const
TreeNodeson () const
TreeNodeother () const
GBT_LEN length () const
void set_length (GBT_LEN len)
GBT_LEN eliminate ()
ARB_edge inverse () const
ARB_edge next () const
ARB_edge previous () const
ARB_edge counter_next () const
ARB_edge counter_previous () const
bool operator== (const ARB_edge &otherEdge) const
bool operator!= (const ARB_edge &otherEdge) const
bool is_edge_to_leaf () const
bool is_edge_from_leaf () const
bool is_inner_edge () const
void set_root ()
void multifurcate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int iteration_count (int leafs_in_tree)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 704 of file TreeNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ARB_edge::ARB_edge ( TreeNode From,
TreeNode To 

Definition at line 744 of file TreeNode.h.

Referenced by counter_next(), counter_previous(), inverse(), next(), and previous().

ARB_edge::ARB_edge ( TreeNode From,
TreeNode To,
ARB_edge_type  Type 

Definition at line 749 of file TreeNode.h.

References rt_assert.

ARB_edge::ARB_edge ( const ARB_edge otherEdge)

Definition at line 756 of file TreeNode.h.

References rt_assert.

Member Function Documentation

void ARB_edge::virtually_distribute_length ( GBT_LEN  len,
TreeNode::LengthCollector collect 
) const

distribute length to all adjacent edges. Longer edges receive more than shorter ones.

Edges with length zero will not be changed, instead both edges "beyond" the edge will be affected (they will be affected equally to direct edges, because edges at multifurcations are considered to BE direct edges).

Note: length will not be distributed to tree-struction itself (yet), but collected in 'collect'

Definition at line 520 of file TreeNode.cxx.

References inverse(), and is_normal().

Referenced by TreeNode::LengthCollector::independent_distribution().

ARB_edge_type ARB_edge::get_type ( ) const

Definition at line 766 of file TreeNode.h.

Referenced by GroupSearch::perform_search().

TreeNode* ARB_edge::source ( ) const

Definition at line 767 of file TreeNode.h.

Referenced by eliminate(), is_edge_from_leaf(), and GroupSearch::perform_search().

TreeNode* ARB_edge::dest ( ) const
TreeNode* ARB_edge::son ( ) const

Definition at line 770 of file TreeNode.h.

References EDGE_TO_ROOT.

Referenced by eliminate(), length(), multifurcate(), randomMixTree(), set_length(), and set_root().

TreeNode* ARB_edge::other ( ) const

Definition at line 771 of file TreeNode.h.

References EDGE_TO_ROOT.

GBT_LEN ARB_edge::length ( ) const
void ARB_edge::set_length ( GBT_LEN  len)
GBT_LEN ARB_edge::eliminate ( )

eliminates edge (zeroes length and bootstrap). returns eliminated length.

Definition at line 786 of file TreeNode.h.

References dest(), TreeNode::reset_length_and_bootstrap(), ROOT_EDGE, son(), and source().

Referenced by TreeNode::LengthCollector::eliminate_parent_edge().

ARB_edge ARB_edge::inverse ( ) const
ARB_edge ARB_edge::next ( ) const
ARB_edge ARB_edge::previous ( ) const
ARB_edge ARB_edge::counter_next ( ) const
ARB_edge ARB_edge::counter_previous ( ) const
static int ARB_edge::iteration_count ( int  leafs_in_tree)

returns number of different edges produced by next() / previous():

  • each edge is visited twice (once in each direction)

Definition at line 850 of file TreeNode.h.

References leafs_2_edges(), and UNROOTED.

Referenced by SearchedTree::get_edge_iteration_count().

bool ARB_edge::operator== ( const ARB_edge otherEdge) const

Definition at line 857 of file TreeNode.h.

Referenced by operator!=().

bool ARB_edge::operator!= ( const ARB_edge otherEdge) const

Definition at line 860 of file TreeNode.h.

References operator==().

bool ARB_edge::is_edge_to_leaf ( ) const

true if edge is leaf edge AND points towards the leaf

Definition at line 864 of file TreeNode.h.

References dest(), and TreeNode::is_leaf().

Referenced by counter_next(), is_inner_edge(), and next().

bool ARB_edge::is_edge_from_leaf ( ) const

true if edge is leaf edge AND points away from the leaf

Definition at line 868 of file TreeNode.h.

References TreeNode::is_leaf(), and source().

Referenced by counter_previous(), is_inner_edge(), and previous().

bool ARB_edge::is_inner_edge ( ) const

true for inner edges

Definition at line 872 of file TreeNode.h.

References is_edge_from_leaf(), and is_edge_to_leaf().

void ARB_edge::set_root ( )

Definition at line 877 of file TreeNode.h.

References TreeNode::set_root(), and son().

Referenced by AWT_graphic_tree::handle_command(), and nt_add().

void ARB_edge::multifurcate ( )

eliminate edge and distribute length to adjacent edges

  • sets its length to zero
  • removes remark (bootstrap)
  • distributes length to neighbour-branches

Definition at line 578 of file TreeNode.cxx.

References TreeNode::LengthCollector::eliminate_parent_edge(), TreeNode::LengthCollector::independent_distribution(), and son().

Referenced by TreeNode::multifurcate().

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