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SEQIO Namespace Reference


struct  ExportFormatInfo


enum  ExportWhich { EBF_ALL, EBF_MARKED, EBF_ONE }


GB_ERROR export_by_format (GBDATA *gb_main, ExportWhich which, const char *one_species, AP_filter *filter, int cut_stop_codon, int compress, const char *dbname, const char *formname, const char *field_transfer_set, const char *outname, int multiple, char **real_outname)
GB_ERROR get_exportFormat_information (const char *eft_formname, ExportFormatInfo &info)
charget_exportFormat_evalForm (const char *eft_formname, GB_ERROR &error)
charfgets_smartLF (char *s, int size, FILE *stream)
bool read_string_pair (FILE *in, char *&s1, char *&s2, size_t &lineNr)
void appendTo (char *&content, char sep, char *&toAppend)

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Definition at line 28 of file seqio.hxx.

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GB_ERROR SEQIO::export_by_format ( GBDATA gb_main,
ExportWhich  which,
const char one_species,
AP_filter filter,
int  cut_stop_codon,
int  compress,
const char dbname,
const char formname,
const char field_transfer_set,
const char outname,
int  multiple,
char **  real_outname 
GB_ERROR SEQIO::get_exportFormat_information ( const char eft_formname,
ExportFormatInfo info 
char * SEQIO::get_exportFormat_evalForm ( const char eft_formname,
GB_ERROR error 
char * SEQIO::fgets_smartLF ( char s,
int  size,
FILE *  stream 

Definition at line 19 of file seqio.cxx.

References NULp, and s.

Referenced by ArbImporter::read_line(), and read_string_pair().

bool SEQIO::read_string_pair ( FILE *  in,
char *&  s1,
char *&  s2,
size_t lineNr 

Definition at line 37 of file seqio.cxx.

References buffer, BUFSIZE, fgets_smartLF(), NULp, and sio_assert.

Referenced by read_export_format(), and read_import_format().

void SEQIO::appendTo ( char *&  content,
char  sep,
char *&  toAppend 

Definition at line 34 of file seqio.hxx.

References GBS_global_string_copy().

Referenced by read_export_format(), and read_import_format().