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PT_etc.cxx File Reference
#include "probe.h"
#include <PT_server_prototypes.h>
#include "pt_prototypes.h"
#include <struct_man.h>
#include <arb_strbuf.h>
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#define MAX_LIST_PART_SIZE   50


void pt_export_error (PT_local *locs, const char *error)
void pt_export_error_if (PT_local *locs, ARB_ERROR &error)
static const gene_structget_gene_struct_by_internal_gene_name (const char *gene_name)
static const gene_structget_gene_struct_by_arb_species_gene_name (const char *species_gene_name)
static const chararb2internal_name (const char *name)
const charvirt_name (const PT_probematch *ml)
const charvirt_fullname (const PT_probematch *ml)
static const charget_list_part (const char *list, int &offset)
charptpd_read_names (PT_local *locs, const char *names_list, const char *checksums, ARB_ERROR &error)
bytestringPT_unknown_names (const PT_pdc *pdc)

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#define MAX_LIST_PART_SIZE   50

Definition at line 79 of file PT_etc.cxx.

Referenced by get_list_part().

Function Documentation

void pt_export_error ( PT_local *  locs,
const char error 

Definition at line 19 of file PT_etc.cxx.

Referenced by probe_match(), and pt_export_error_if().

void pt_export_error_if ( PT_local *  locs,
ARB_ERROR error 

Definition at line 22 of file PT_etc.cxx.

References ARB_ERROR::deliver(), ARB_ERROR::expect_no_error(), and pt_export_error().

Referenced by PT_start_design().

static const gene_struct* get_gene_struct_by_internal_gene_name ( const char gene_name)

Definition at line 27 of file PT_etc.cxx.

References gene_struct_internal2arb, and NULp.

Referenced by virt_fullname(), and virt_name().

static const gene_struct* get_gene_struct_by_arb_species_gene_name ( const char species_gene_name)

Definition at line 33 of file PT_etc.cxx.

References ARB_strdup(), gene_struct_arb2internal, and NULp.

Referenced by arb2internal_name().

static const char* arb2internal_name ( const char name)
const char* virt_name ( const PT_probematch *  ml)
const char* virt_fullname ( const PT_probematch *  ml)
static const char* get_list_part ( const char list,
int offset 

Definition at line 81 of file PT_etc.cxx.

References buffer, MAX_LIST_PART_SIZE, NULp, offset, and pt_assert.

Referenced by ptpd_read_names().

char* ptpd_read_names ( PT_local *  locs,
const char names_list,
const char checksums,
ARB_ERROR error 
bytestring* PT_unknown_names ( const PT_pdc *  pdc)

Definition at line 204 of file PT_etc.cxx.

References locs, and NULp.