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TranslateRealign.h File Reference
#include <arbdb_base.h>
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GB_ERROR ALI_translate_marked (GBDATA *gb_main, bool use_entries, bool save_entries, int selected_startpos, bool translate_all, const char *ali_source, const char *ali_dest)
GB_ERROR ALI_realign_marked (GBDATA *gb_main, const char *ali_source, const char *ali_dest, size_t &neededLength, bool unmark_succeeded, bool cutoff_dna)

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GB_ERROR ALI_translate_marked ( GBDATA gb_main,
bool  use_entries,
bool  save_entries,
int  selected_startpos,
bool  translate_all,
const char ali_source,
const char ali_dest 
GB_ERROR ALI_realign_marked ( GBDATA gb_main,
const char ali_source,
const char ali_dest,
size_t neededLength,
bool  unmark_succeeded,
bool  cutoff_dna