MP_externs.hxx File Reference
#include <cb.h>
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void MP_show_probes_in_tree (AW_window *aww)
void MP_show_probes_in_tree_move (AW_window *aww, bool backward, AW_selection_list *resultProbesList)
void MP_popup_result_window (AW_window *aww)
void MP_delete_selected (UNFIXED, AW_selection_list *sellist)
void MP_result_combination_chosen (AW_root *aw_root)
void MP_close_main (AW_window *aww)
void MP_group_all_except_marked (AW_window *aww)
void MP_normal_colors_in_tree (AW_window *aww)
void MP_selected_chosen (AW_root *aw_root)
bool MP_aborted (int gen_cnt, double avg_fit, double min_fit, double max_fit, arb_progress &progress)
charMP_get_comment (int which, const char *str)
int MP_init_local_com_struct (struct mp_gl_struct &mp_pd_gl)

Function Documentation

void MP_show_probes_in_tree ( AW_window aww)
void MP_show_probes_in_tree_move ( AW_window aww,
bool  backward,
AW_selection_list resultProbesList 
void MP_popup_result_window ( AW_window aww)
void MP_delete_selected ( UNFIXED  ,
AW_selection_list sellist 
void MP_result_combination_chosen ( AW_root aw_root)
void MP_close_main ( AW_window aww)
void MP_group_all_except_marked ( AW_window aww)

Definition at line 696 of file MP_noclass.cxx.

References MP_Main::get_canvas(), mp_main, NT_expand_marked_cb(), and NULp.

Referenced by MP_Window::create_result_window().

void MP_normal_colors_in_tree ( AW_window aww)
void MP_selected_chosen ( AW_root aw_root)
bool MP_aborted ( int  gen_cnt,
double  avg_fit,
double  min_fit,
double  max_fit,
arb_progress progress 
char* MP_get_comment ( int  which,
const char str 
int MP_init_local_com_struct ( struct mp_gl_struct mp_pd_gl)