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AWT_www.cxx File Reference
#include "awt_config_manager.hxx"
#include "awt.hxx"
#include <aw_window.hxx>
#include <aw_global_awars.hxx>
#include <aw_awars.hxx>
#include <aw_root.hxx>
#include <aw_msg.hxx>
#include <arbdbt.h>
#include <gb_aci.h>
#include <arb_defs.h>
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#define WWW_COUNT   10
#define AWAR_WWW_SELECT   "www/url_select"
#define AWAR_WWW_SELECT_TEMPLATE   "www/url_%i/select"
#define AWAR_WWW_TEMPLATE   "www/url_%i/srt"
#define AWAR_WWW_DESC_TEMPLATE   "www/url_%i/desc"


charextract_url_host (const char *templ)
bool url_host_matches (const char *templ1, const char *templ2)
void awt_create_aww_vars (AW_root *aw_root, AW_default aw_def)
GB_ERROR awt_open_ACI_URL_with_item (AW_root *aw_root, GBDATA *gb_main, GBDATA *gb_item, const char *url_aci)
GB_ERROR awt_openDefaultURL_with_item (AW_root *aw_root, GBDATA *gb_main, GBDATA *gb_item)
static void awt_openDefaultURL_on_selected_species (AW_window *aww, GBDATA *gb_main)
static void awt_www_select_change (AW_window *aww, int selected)
static void www_setup_config (AWT_config_definition &cdef)
AW_windowAWT_create_www_window (AW_root *aw_root, GBDATA *gb_main)
void AWT_openURL (AW_window *aww, const char *url)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define WWW_COUNT   10
#define AWAR_WWW_SELECT   "www/url_select"
#define AWAR_WWW_SELECT_TEMPLATE   "www/url_%i/select"
#define AWAR_WWW_TEMPLATE   "www/url_%i/srt"
#define AWAR_WWW_DESC_TEMPLATE   "www/url_%i/desc"

Definition at line 29 of file AWT_www.cxx.

Referenced by awt_create_aww_vars(), AWT_create_www_window(), and www_setup_config().

Function Documentation

char* extract_url_host ( const char templ)

Definition at line 31 of file AWT_www.cxx.

References ARB_strpartdup(), and NULp.

Referenced by url_host_matches().

bool url_host_matches ( const char templ1,
const char templ2 

Definition at line 42 of file AWT_www.cxx.

References ARB_stricmp(), and extract_url_host().

Referenced by awt_create_aww_vars().

void awt_create_aww_vars ( AW_root aw_root,
AW_default  aw_def 
GB_ERROR awt_open_ACI_URL_with_item ( AW_root aw_root,
GBDATA gb_main,
GBDATA gb_item,
const char url_aci 
GB_ERROR awt_openDefaultURL_with_item ( AW_root aw_root,
GBDATA gb_main,
GBDATA gb_item 
static void awt_openDefaultURL_on_selected_species ( AW_window aww,
GBDATA gb_main 
static void awt_www_select_change ( AW_window aww,
int  selected 
static void www_setup_config ( AWT_config_definition cdef)
AW_window* AWT_create_www_window ( AW_root aw_root,
GBDATA gb_main 
void AWT_openURL ( AW_window aww,
const char url 

Definition at line 268 of file AWT_www.cxx.

References AW_openURL(), and AW_window::get_root().

Referenced by popup_new_main_window().