SpecificAliData< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SpecificAliData< T >, including all inherited members.

AliData(size_t size_)AliDatainline
at_ptr(size_t pos) const OVERRIDESpecificAliData< T >inlinevirtual
BaseType typedefSpecificAliData< T >
CHECK_DELETE enum valueAliData
check_delete_allowed(size_t start, size_t count) const AliDatainline
clear_error() const AliDatainline
cmp_data(size_t start, const AliData &other, size_t ostart, size_t count) const OVERRIDESpecificAliData< T >inlinevirtual
cmp_whole_data(const AliData &other) const AliDatainline
cmpPartWith(const void *mem, size_t start, size_t count) const AliDatainline
COMPARE_WITH enum valueAliData
COPY_TO enum valueAliData
copyPartTo(void *mem, size_t start, size_t count) const AliDatainline
copyTo(void *mem) const AliDatainline
create_gap(size_t gapsize, const UnitPair &) const OVERRIDETypedAliData< T >virtual
differs_from(const AliData &other) const AliDatainline
elems() const AliDatainline
empty() const AliDatainline
equals(const AliData &other) const AliDatainline
get_allowed_size(size_t term_size, size_t new_ali_size) const SizeAwarableinline
get_data() const SpecificAliData< T >inline
has_slice() const OVERRIDETypedAliData< T >inlinevirtual
is_valid_between(size_t pos) const AliDatainline
is_valid_part(size_t start, size_t count) const AliDatainline
is_valid_pos(size_t pos) const AliDatainline
memop enum nameAliData
memsize() const AliDatainline
operate_on_mem(void *mem, size_t start, size_t count, AliData::memop op) const OVERRIDESpecificAliData< T >inlinevirtual
set_error(GB_ERROR error) const AliDatainline
SizeAwarable(bool allows_oversize_, size_t ali_size_)SizeAwarableinline
slice_down(size_t, size_t) const OVERRIDETypedAliData< T >inlinevirtual
SpecificAliData(const T *static_data, size_t elements, const T &gap_, const SizeAwarable &sizeAware, const Deletable &deletable_)SpecificAliData< T >inline
std_gap() const TypedAliData< T >inline
std_gap_ptr() const TypedAliData< T >inlineprotected
typed_ptr(const UnitPtr &uptr)TypedAliData< T >inlineprotectedstatic
TypedAliData(size_t size_, T gap_)TypedAliData< T >inline
unit_left_of(size_t pos) const OVERRIDETypedAliData< T >inlinevirtual
unit_right_of(size_t pos) const OVERRIDETypedAliData< T >inlinevirtual
unitsize() const OVERRIDETypedAliData< T >inlinevirtual