ClustalV.hxx File Reference
#include <arb_error.h>
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ARB_ERROR ClustalV_align (int is_dna, int weighted, const char *seq1, int length1, const char *seq2, int length2, const int *gapsBefore1, int max_seq_length, const char *&result1, const char *&result2, int &result_len, int &score)
void ClustalV_exit ()
int baseMatch (char c1, char c2)

Function Documentation

ARB_ERROR ClustalV_align ( int  is_dna,
int  weighted,
const char seq1,
int  length1,
const char seq2,
int  length2,
const int gapsBefore1,
int  max_seq_length,
const char *&  result1,
const char *&  result2,
int result_len,
int score 
void ClustalV_exit ( )

Definition at line 1049 of file ClustalV.cxx.

References exit_myers(), exit_show_pair(), module_initialized, and seq_array.

Referenced by Aligner::run().

int baseMatch ( char  c1,
char  c2 

Definition at line 249 of file ClustalV.cxx.

References baseCmp(), and fa_assert().

Referenced by relatedBases().