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aw_window_Xm.hxx File Reference
#include <aw_device.hxx>
#include <aw_keysym.hxx>
#include <Xm/Xm.h>
#include <cb.h>
#include "aw_scalar.hxx"
#include <arb_msg.h>
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class  Label
struct  AW_buttons_struct
struct  AW_widget_value_pair
struct  AW_option_menu_struct
struct  AW_toggle_field_struct
class  AW_area_management
class  AW_root_Motif
class  AW_window_Motif


#define p_r   prvt
#define p_global   (root->prvt)
#define p_aww(aww)   (aww->p_w)
#define MAP_ARAM(ar)   p_w->areas[ar]
#define INFO_WIDGET   p_w->areas[AW_INFO_AREA]->get_area()
#define INFO_FORM   p_w->areas[AW_INFO_AREA]->get_form()
#define MIDDLE_WIDGET   p_w->areas[AW_MIDDLE_AREA]->get_area()
#define BOTTOM_WIDGET   p_w->areas[AW_BOTTOM_AREA]->get_area()
#define AW_SCROLL_MAX   100
#define AW_MAX_MENU_DEEP   10
#define RES_CONVERT(res_name, res_value)   XtVaTypedArg, (res_name), XmRString, (res_value), strlen(res_value) + 1
#define RES_LABEL_CONVERT(label)
#define AW_JUSTIFY_LABEL(widget, corr)
#define AW_CALC_OFFSET_ON_EXPOSE   -12345


void aw_root_init_font (Display *tool_d)
void AW_label_in_awar_list (AW_window *aww, Widget widget, const char *str)
void AW_server_callback (Widget wgt, XtPointer aw_cb_struct, XtPointer call_data)
void message_cb (AW_window *, int result)
void input_cb (AW_window *aw, int buttonNr)
void input_history_cb (AW_window *aw, int mode)
void file_selection_cb (AW_window *aw, int ok_cancel_flag)
unsigned aw_message_timer_listen_event (AW_root *awr, AW_window *aww)
Widget aw_create_shell (AW_window *aww, bool allow_resize, bool allow_close, int width, int height, int posx, int posy)
void aw_realize_widget (AW_window *aww)
void aw_insert_default_help_entries (AW_window *aww)
__ATTR__NORETURN void type_mismatch (const char *triedType, const char *intoWhat)


const int AW_NUMBER_OF_F_KEYS = 20
int aw_message_cb_result

Macro Definition Documentation

#define p_r   prvt
#define p_global   (root->prvt)
#define p_aww (   aww)    (aww->p_w)
#define MAP_ARAM (   ar)    p_w->areas[ar]
#define INFO_WIDGET   p_w->areas[AW_INFO_AREA]->get_area()
#define INFO_FORM   p_w->areas[AW_INFO_AREA]->get_form()
#define MIDDLE_WIDGET   p_w->areas[AW_MIDDLE_AREA]->get_area()

Definition at line 32 of file aw_window_Xm.hxx.

Referenced by AW_window::set_focus_callback().

#define BOTTOM_WIDGET   p_w->areas[AW_BOTTOM_AREA]->get_area()

Definition at line 33 of file aw_window_Xm.hxx.

Referenced by AW_window::set_bottom_area_height().

#define AW_SCROLL_MAX   100
#define AW_MAX_MENU_DEEP   10
#define RES_CONVERT (   res_name,
)    XtVaTypedArg, (res_name), XmRString, (res_value), strlen(res_value) + 1

Definition at line 41 of file aw_window_Xm.hxx.

#define RES_LABEL_CONVERT (   label)
XmNlabelType, label.is_imageref() ? XmPIXMAP : XmSTRING, \
XtVaTypedArg, label.is_imageref() ? XmNlabelPixmap : XmNlabelString, \
XmRString, \
label.String(), \
const char * label

Definition at line 57 of file aw_window_Xm.hxx.

Referenced by _aw_create_toggle_entry(), AW_window::create_button(), AW_window::create_input_field(), AW_window::create_text_field(), and AW_window::insert_menu_topic().

#define AW_JUSTIFY_LABEL (   widget,
switch (corr) { \
case 1: XtVaSetValues(widget, XmNalignment, XmALIGNMENT_CENTER, NULp); break; \
case 2: XtVaSetValues(widget, XmNalignment, XmALIGNMENT_END, NULp); break; \
default: break; \
#define NULp
Definition: cxxforward.h:116

Definition at line 64 of file aw_window_Xm.hxx.

Referenced by AW_window::create_button().

#define AW_CALC_OFFSET_ON_EXPOSE   -12345

Definition at line 238 of file aw_window_Xm.hxx.

Referenced by aw_realize_widget(), and AW_window_Motif::knows_WM_offset().


Function Documentation

void aw_root_init_font ( Display *  tool_d)
void AW_label_in_awar_list ( AW_window aww,
Widget  widget,
const char str 
void AW_server_callback ( Widget  wgt,
XtPointer  aw_cb_struct,
XtPointer  call_data 
void message_cb ( AW_window ,
int  result 

Definition at line 33 of file AW_modal.cxx.

References EXIT_FAILURE, and result.

Referenced by aw_question(), and AW_cb::run_callbacks().

void input_cb ( AW_window aw,
int  buttonNr 
void input_history_cb ( AW_window aw,
int  mode 
void file_selection_cb ( AW_window aw,
int  ok_cancel_flag 
unsigned aw_message_timer_listen_event ( AW_root awr,
AW_window aww 

Definition at line 40 of file AW_modal.cxx.

References AW_MESSAGE_LISTEN_DELAY, fflush(), and AW_window::is_shown().

Referenced by aw_input(), aw_modal_file_selection(), and aw_question().

Widget aw_create_shell ( AW_window aww,
bool  allow_resize,
bool  allow_close,
int  width,
int  height,
int  posx,
int  posy 
void aw_realize_widget ( AW_window aww)
void aw_insert_default_help_entries ( AW_window aww)
__ATTR__NORETURN void type_mismatch ( const char triedType,
const char intoWhat 

Variable Documentation

const int AW_NUMBER_OF_F_KEYS = 20

Definition at line 237 of file aw_window_Xm.hxx.

Referenced by AW_window::create_mode().

int aw_message_cb_result

Definition at line 31 of file AW_modal.cxx.

Referenced by aw_question().